Why Is Visual Content So Important In Blogging?

Adrian Cruce

Think about one thing: do you like articles (online or offline) that have long text form or articles that have pictures and/or videos in them? What is interesting is that most people say that they are interested in text but when they actually look at articles, they act differently.

If you want to spruce up the blog and you want more people to visit your site and stay on your articles, you want to surely think about the facts that we mention below. The most important thing to remember is that visual content is vital for the blogs.

Vision Counts

The brain and the eye will respond positively when connected with things that can be seen. You want to think about what appeals for you and about your personal wishes. When you read blogs that are really long, with a lot of text, without any GIF, video or image, there is a huge possibility that the reader will not keep reading. Will you act on content if it is just text? There is a huge possibility that this is not the case.

The Brain Reacts To The Visual Stimuli

Statistics show that around 90% of all the information that the brain processes is gained in better when it is visual. Biological statistics can and should be considered if you want to do all that you can in order to increase the traffic of your blog.

What you have to understand is that visual content is basically going to create feelings and emotions. That pushes you towards writing about various different topics, but with a focus on visual content. People always want to use imagination and looking at only text does not actually jumpstart imagination, as you would believe.

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Content that uses visual content is really important because of the fact that it will be really easy to share. It will make you want to share and it is the visual elements that appear on sites like Twitter and Facebook that get shared even more. You get more followers, leading towards more followers. This is how social media works and it would practically be impossible with the presence of visual content.

Bloggers normally spend hours writing an article, doing research and trying to come up with something that people will love. Since you spend so much time to develop the written content, it makes sense that you also spend time to develop the visual content that would be added to your posts. This is not that difficult. All that you have to do is to create what you like or simply look for content on social websites.

Always be sure that you do not focus on using any content that you can find. The more you know about the other parts of blog promotion, the higher the possibility you will make a really good choice!