Using Google Plus Hangouts To Increase Online Business Presence

Adrian Cruce

Google Plus Hangouts have a huge potential for an online business. You can use them in order to increase your online presence, brand awareness and even get new clients. The problem is that Google Plus in general is seen as a wasteland without any real purpose. That is definitely not something that you should believe. In reality, the social network is strong and may become even stronger in the future.

Those that do not know much about Google Hangouts should be aware of the fact that this allows anyone that is interested to have a video chat session with a minimum of one person, potentially as many as anyone would desire. Everything can be done with ease since the entire process is intuitive and simple.

If you thought that Google Hangouts cannot help you out, here are some interesting uses for the feature that you have to consider right now, for your business:


Host Webinars

The interface used by Google Plus Hangouts allows you to easily upload documents and you can share your screen. This basically means that you have a wonderful option available for organizing webinars, one that is so much cheaper than other alternatives. You can even automatically share the video of the webinar on YouTube if you want to.

Host Interviews

You can use Google Hangouts to interview industry experts or authors. Simply share the interview live or record it so you can share at a later point in time. During a live hangout session you can easily ask the audience to ask questions and interact with you so you can easily get a better session.

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Entertain Followers

You can host a video concert, a magic show or whatever you want to entertain people.

Demonstrate Services Or Products

You do not need a lot of money to demonstrate that you are selling a service or a product that is really good. Those interested have the perfect platform to demo services and products in public or private settings.

Start Focus Groups

Instead of having a group of consumers or bloggers fly in to talk about specific services or products, you can invite anyone in a simple Hangouts based online focus group.

Host Meetings With Clients

There are various moments in life in which you cannot meet with people that are interested in your services or products. Use Hangouts in order to host a client meeting and you will only miss donuts, coffee and other little perks that are used in real life.

Host Meetings With Your Staff

This is particularly valuable in the event you work with freelancers. Host a meeting with staff members that are located in other parts of the country or the world. You will love the fact that you have video since that is a lot more personal than the regularly used conference calls.

Host Mastermind Or Brainstorming Sessions

Share ideas and get together with whoever you need to so that you can brainstorm the business. The best possible business ideas do appear when you brainstorm. We all know that. You can use Google Hangouts for this.

Coaching Sessions

For those specialists that want to coach or that do coach, Google Plus Hangouts is great as it helps in saving money and time. There is no need to travel for a long time to just coach for a few hours. Everything can be done through video.

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No matter what you may be tempted to think at the moment, Google Plus Hangouts do have a huge potential. Learn more about it and see how you can use the social network’s feature in order to take your online business to the next level. It might be what you needed all along.

Image source: Kissmetrics