Figure Out Why You Blog In Order To Have Success!


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The truth is that most people out there have no idea why they actually blog. Hundreds of blogs appear on the internet every single day. Some people open one in order to make money. Others do it because of the fact that they want to relax. Some open blogs in order to better represent their online business. You always have a reason why you open your blog but this is completely different than why you actually write posts on your blogs.

When asking:

“Why Do You Blog?”

The answer is usually related to why the blog was opened in the beginning. This is not the answer that I am looking for when asking the question. I am more interested in the reason that drives you right now because that is a huge part of the success you will have on the long run.


Why Does It Count Why You Blog?

There are various reasons that I can highlight but at the end of the day, the main reason why it is important to know why you blog is that this will have an impact on what you write, when you write and how much you write. It will have an influence on the quality of the blogs. You can tell when someone just blogs out of obligation or when he/she is not actually into what is written. The visitor figures it out and it will “punish” the blogger by simply leaving.

Let’s lay it out as simple as possible. It counts why you blog because the reader will be influenced by this without you even realizing that this is the case.

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Time To Figure Out Why You Blog!

This is tough. We are experts at saying lies when it comes to looking in the mirror. It is vital that we remain as objective as possible. Take some days off to figure out the reason behind your blog. This is a lot more important than you may believe right now and I warmly recommend that you take a break from blogging if you do not know why you actually blog right now.

I cannot tell you why you blog but I can tell you that most people do this because of the following reasons:

  • They want to make money with the blog
  • They want to share knowledge with those interested
  • They want to relax and take some time off from other activities

Based on why you blog, you can make changes. If you do it in order to make money, learn more about how you can monetize your blog. In the event that you want to share knowledge, make sure that you share something that visitors actually need. If you want to relax, let out all your frustration and/or anger in order to actually relax.

When you blog, you have to be honest with your visitors and with YOU. When you lie to yourself, the quality of your writing will be a lot lower than what you may think at first glance. Have patience and figure things out. People love to see confidence.