The Importance Of Related Posts In SEO


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The Importance Of Related Posts In SEO

So many modifications can be done to improve on-site SEO. Adding related posts to an article that you write is just as important as having proper pagination, if not even more. There are many reasons why this is vital and unfortunately, most people do not know why that is the case. We can give you many facts that you have to take into account. However, we will only focus on those that are the most important.

Keeping Pages Relevant

As new content is added, the old one goes down the list and eventually loses authority. It is easy to end up with content that is buried really deep and basically orphaned. You will notice that some content that was really popular and that brought in good search engine traffic is no longer performing that great and is dropping in results. This is due to the decreased link equity.

As you add related posts, you make sure that the best content is basically always connected with new related articles that are published. You thus make your content stay relevant.

Site’s Sitemap Is Improved

The sitemap of a website counts for SEO. Google wants to see sites that are well-structured. You would normally use a sitemap that is automatically generated by a plugin. While that does work well, various extra links that appear between the elements of the sitemap will make the entire site a lot more accessible and Google will basically love it more.

Time On Site Is Increased

In case you were not aware of this, the time that a person spends on a site is really important as it is seen as a factor that is taken into account by Google in order to see how relevant content is. The same thing goes for the number of pages that are read on average by the visitors. If there is a related posts section, the possibility of having a visitor stay more on a site is higher.

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Do Not Forget About Related Posts

On the whole, having related posts added to your site can bring in the advantages mentioned above and will also help you out a lot because of the fact that your visitors will find the site as being more valuable.