Steps Towards Clickbank Success – A Guide For The Novice Affiliate Marketer


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There are so many different articles on the internet that talk about how to increase the success that affiliate marketers have at the moment. It is always important to read everything that we can about how to increase our income but that does not mean that we should neglect the beginners.

We noticed that there are various individuals out there that do not know much about affiliate marketing and the Clickbank opportunity. Most of them end up failing because of the main reason that they make the wrong first steps due to a lack of knowledge.

While there are so many different ways in which you can take advantage of the Clickbank opportunity, we will now focus on the basics. What novice marketers do not understand is that the foundation of any online business needs to be strong. This is what creates success in the future. Instead of staying focused on what you will do in the future, stay focused on what you do now.




Step 1 – Choose The Niche You Will Activate In

Go to the Clickbank marketplace and analyze the different niches that are covered. Choose just one to start your online business. The choice that you make needs to be one that you know a lot about. The better you know the niche, the bigger the possibility of success. Also, since you are a novice, it is recommended that you choose one niche that you actually like.

For instance, in the event that you love fitness and you constantly go to the gym, the Health & Fitness category is most likely the one that you want to focus on.

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Step 2 – Choose The Products That You Want To Promote

This is where most beginner marketers fail. Clickbank offers you the possibility of finding out a lot about how the products perform. You need to choose one that converts really well and that is of really high quality. You can also choose different products but we recommend starting everything small since that helps you to stay focused on the following steps.

Take a look at what the top marketers promote since there is a pretty good possibility that they convert really well. The trick in the beginning is to focus only on the best converting products because of the fact that you want to increase your income. After you make more money, you can use a part of it for investment purchases and constantly grow your money making network.

Step 3 – Create Your Website And Landing Page

This is definitely tricky and a lot of things can be said about how to create great landing pages and how to build websites that convert really well. Always read tutorials and see what professionals do. If possible, use tools that help you to create pages automatically when your knowledge is low. You have to mask your lack of knowledge by simply gaining more knowledge.

Choose a suitable domain and a really good hosting package. In the beginning you will be able to choose cheaper options since you will not have a lot of traffic. In a few months or years, you will surely end up with your own dedicated hosting package to host all the websites that you own.

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Step 4 – Start Promoting Your Website

There are so many different options that are available at the moment. We cannot deny the fact that you can promote your site and landing pages by using so many different techniques. However, one thing that you should always stay focused on is SEO.

While you will most likely want to use many other methods, on the long run, search engine optimization helps out the most. It brings in organic traffic, which does convert really well. You do not have to pay much to do SEO work. Guest posting opportunities are available all around the internet and tutorials can teach you how to do on-page and off page SEO work.

Step 5 – Start Using More Promotion Methods

As you keep growing the traffic of your site through SEO techniques, it is smart to work with different methods that would bring in traffic faster. For instance, you can start using social networks in order to highlight the opportunities that you present from the Marketplace.

At the same time, it is a very good idea to start building your email marketing lists based on the niche that you cover. Use some MLR or PLR products that you have in order to give people an incentive to join. Learn how to create great newsletters and make sure that you do send one weekly, even if you only have a few people subscribed.

Step 6 – Build More Websites

Continue growing your site network and choose new products to promote. It will be difficult at first but in time, you will realize how to properly manage the time that is available for you. Treat every single site in the same way and do all that you can to promote them equally. However, if you find something that converts really well, dedicate more time towards that product.

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Step 7 – Outsource Part Of The Work

As your network grows, it is quite easy to end up losing control. There are so many sites that are not updated and that simply lose out against the competition because there is not enough time available for the owner to do work. This problem can easily be solved through outsourcing.

Head over to websites like Odesk or so that you can hire really good and cheap freelancers. Make sure that you find some really good content writers with experience in writing articles that convert and consider investing money in professional website design.

Outsourcing allows you to stay focused on those parts of the business that actually generate money and that require your marketing experience.

Have Patience And Keep Learning

Success is guaranteed in the event that you do not give up. Sometimes you will need to change the Clickbank products that you promote. In other situations you will need to make adjustments to your landing pages. No matter what you do, you need to keep evolving and growing. Acquire as much knowledge as you can and you will drastically increase the chances of success.

By Boris Dzhingarov