Advantages of Using Managed Hosting


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Nowadays there are many different types of hosting packages that you can use. Some are designed for professionals while others are created while thinking about the average user with limited technical knowledge. Managed hosting falls into the second category and is currently one form of hosting that few people understand.

In order to help you properly understand what managed hosting packages offer, let us think about the advantages that you gain access to. The only real disadvantage that can be mentioned is that the monthly fees will be higher than with shared hosting. However, the costs are lower than with dedicated servers.

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Top 9 Benefits Associated With Managed Hosting For Customers

  1. Absolutely no management worries! – You do not have to manage anything. Availability and network performance are always guaranteed in the contract you sign.
  2. No hidden charges – You pay what you get and what you use. Also, when there is a need to refresh systems, no extra fees appear. In the event that a hardware failure happens, the provider will take care of everything for you.
  3. You do not need to have support staff that is onsite.
  4. Enterprise Level Equipment Learning Curve Eliminated – If new hardware will be installed, you do not have to train anyone or yourself on how to use it.
  5. Customization – The package that you are offered is built around the needs that you have at the moment.
  6. Fast New Platform Deployment – You no longer need to validate the new equipment when your network gets a hardware upgrade.
  7. High Quality Customer Support – This is one of the great advantages that are offered. You will always receive an alert when there is a problem and there are even providers that will call you directly. To put it simple, the provider will not wait for you to see a problem. It will keep an eye on everything and when there is a problem, you will be contacted.
  8. No Need For Extra Staff – This is important for a startup firm as there is no longer the necessity to hire IT specialists that would manage everything. Your budget is thus lowered.
  9. Monitoring Tools – All the packages will come with a management dashboard and you can keep an eye on all resources that are used at any point in time.
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The advantages that were mentioned above are just those that are really important from the point of view of the customer. There are also others that can be highlighted. What needs to be remembered at the end of the day is that managed hosting is something that helps you to stay focused on the actual site instead of the hosting platform. That is why it is recommended for beginners or companies that do not have the necessary funds to run an IT department. You will receive something that is suitable based on your business and the needs that you have at the moment. At the same time, upgrades are really easy to be done.