Should I Really Hire A Writer For My Sites?


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Let’s face it! Writing is the one activity that takes up most of the time whenever running a website. You can end up spending most of the day writing instead of doing other things to actually promote the site. That is why all marketing specialists recommend hiring content writers, ghost writers, essay writers and so on.

The problem is that most site owners have no real idea how to choose a good writer. In so many cases they end up with a writer that is only mediocre in quality or that tries to take advantage of some trick in order to make money without doing much.

The good news is that there are some really good and honest writers out there that are waiting for you. The bad news is that you need to know how to actually find them. With this in mind, here are the questions that you have to ask yourself.


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What Do I Need The Writer For?

In the event that you just need a writer to take care of some sites and you do not need particularly high quality, you can easily find writers on freelancing sites like ODesk or Make sure that you take a look at portfolios and that you test the writers before hiring since that guarantees that you receive what you pay for.

In the event that you need someone that is particularly experienced in some form of writing, it is better to avoid those that you find on freelancing sites. For instance, if you look for a guest post writing service, you will want to contact specialists like us. If you need medical articles written for you, it is imperative that the writer has a proper medical background.

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How Much Can I Pay?

You need to understand one thing about content writers in general. The really good ones do cost more. If you find someone that asks $1.5 for 500 words or $50-$100 for an ebook, it is better to not even consider looking at the services that are offered. It is ok to talk with one that offers a free sample but the actual price that you pay for writing should reflect the quality that you gain access to.

Think about the writers that you found and see how much you can afford to pay. Do not try to get a cheaper one because you get more work done. Think about covering as much as you can with the budget that is available without sacrificing quality.

Do I Have The Necessary Management Tools?

If you have a big network and you need to manage many different writers, it will become complicated. There is a pretty good chance that you will need to hire an editor or at least a proofreader. Also, you need to be sure that content is unique so you need tools like

Do I Really Need A Writer?

Remember that every single online writer out there has his/her own style. If you run a business that relies on how you write, you should never hire anyone since visitors come to see what you write. However, if you need writers for other purposes and your personal writing style is not what visitors want to see, you should consider hiring as soon as possible.