5 Advice For Those Who Wanna Be A Pro Blogger

Steffany Kellam

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The majority of bloggers on the Internet don’t consider blogging as their main job. This is not more than just a hobby for them. But what if you suddenly decide to leave your main job and become a really professional blogger who devotes all his time to this sphere and even earn some money with it? Believe us, it’s easier to say than to do. First months (or even a year) will be the most difficult ones, so how to make them easier? Just try following some of this advice at least.


#1 Your work schedule

The profession of a blogger seems to be easy and free: you don’t have a boss, you don’t have to spend 8 hours in an office, you don’t have any particular duties to do. But this freedom is deceptive. If you want to succeed, every deed will demand a discipline from you, and a blogging is not an exception here.

No one says that you should spend 24 hours on your blog! You can take a rest anytime when you feel you need it, but your business (a professional blogging can’t be considered in a different way) won’t be successful without your self-control. So, just determine a work schedule for yourself and try to follow it all the time.


#2 Be ready for both success and fails

The Internet can’t be called stable, so, get ready for some disappointments too. The great example is search engines that can give you different indexes every day; your blog’s PR can be decreased; it can go through various filters, and so on and so forth. By the way, if such moments influence your Internet income, maybe it would be better to have several income sources in order not to be upset when such unpleasant things happen.

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Search engines are not the only one source of your disappointment, but this is not the reason to give up blogging at once. For example, your post doesn’t have any comments, or you are not happy with your blog’s traffic. Certainly, such situations are very unpleasant, but if you continue your work, you will see positive results very soon.

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# 3 Don’t work TOO much

There are many blogging aspects that need your time, knowledge and skills, and your blog wouldn’t exist without them of course: content writing, social networks communication, technical support, search engine optimization, and much more. If to sum it all up, it may be too much for only one person, especially if you have several projects.

Are you sure that you’ll be able to do everything only by your own? That’s great! But you’ll have to either overweight yourself or skip some important blogging aspects to be in time with everything. As far as you understand, both these variants are not very good for those bloggers who wanna be real professionals.

So, you can find like-minded people, partners or freelances who can help you with your blog development.

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# 4 Be ready for various technical problems

You may face different technical problems during your blogging too: your blog may be hacked, you can “catch” a virus, something can happen to your hosting, or you can make some mistakes with your template by yourself. All this stuff can not only spoil your mood, but cost you some money as well. If you are good with all these technical moments, then it is great! If not, you will have to ask some professionals to help you deal with such problems.

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If you decided to become a pro blogger, then think about its security carefully!


#5 Use top blogs as your inspiration sources, but never compare yourself with them

When you just start your blog in a particular niche, there are some top authors already who take all leading positions. Taking a look at their websites regularly, you may become not only jealous, but depressed! And it’s clear why: your own blog is not so popular, it doesn’t have so many visitors, and its income is not so high yet…  It may seriously disturb you, don’t you think so? Moreover, if you can call yourself a very ambitious person.

What to do? When you analyze your competitors, try to pay attention to technical details of their sites, their blogging experience etc. Remember: it’s impossible to get everything at once! They did a hard work to achieve such results. So, do the same – and everything will be fine!