4 Social Media Tools To Help You Save A Lot Of Time

There are so many social media tools that are available for basically any task related to the large social networks. Every single business manager knows that time is money. However, few realize how much time is actually needed in order to properly manage a social media presence.

When you first start out with social media, everything seems fast and simple. As the followers grow and you start to rely more on social networks, it becomes clear that a lot of time is spent doing task related to the networks like finding what to post, scheduling posts and interacting with people that comment.

If you are here, you surely need some help and you believe that you could be spending less time while doing the same activities on social media. This is what the tools are all about. These are really useful social media tools that you can seriously consider using.

Sprout Social

Sprout Social

This is basically an all in one social media management browser based platform. It integrates LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, UserVoice, Salesforce and others. You can use it to manage customer interactions, relationships and interactions.

Smart Inbox is, most likely, the best feature offered by Sprout Social. It will gather messages and important alerts in one stream. This will help you to save time. Brand and keyword alerts can also be set.

Price: $59 per month

Agora Pulse

Agora Pulse

From the moment you see the website, you see that this is a platform used for Twitter and Facebook. Various standard tools you would expect for scheduling, composing and account management are included, together with analytics, competitor comparisons and reports.

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This social media tool is particularly great for those that often run promotions, quizzes and contests on Twitter and Facebook. The tool is specialized in helping you to quickly manage this, which is particularly useful since the social networks often change their rules in regards to such campaigns.



Basically, every single person that activates in this industry knows Hootsuite. This is how popular it is. Those that do not use it will not do this because of a subjective reason. Nobody can deny the fact that this is a platform that aids a lot in saving time. It works with Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram and others. The free user can manage 3 accounts at the same time and the upgrades start at just $9.99 per month.



This is a tool that is especially created for the B2B user. Oktopost allows you to implement, plan and even measure effectiveness of larger scale campaigns cross various networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and LinkedIn. Third party platforms can also be integrated.

What makes Oktopost special is that it includes many different tools for editorial calendar planning, keyword monitoring, team management, task assignment, conversion tracking, geo targeting updates and much more. You can measure social media marketing ROI, which is always a necessity for higher scale B2B marketing.

You will want to use the content recommendation engine as it will discover brand new content that can be curated based on the previous content you shared with a lot of success. The price for this tool? $55 per month, scaling up to really large enterprise level plans.

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