What Does Actually Work When You Want To Grow An Instagram Account?


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There are so many articles that talk about Instagram growth. They give you recommendations based on many different personal experiences. What you should understand is that all accounts are different. Also, niches determine the strategies that are effective.

It is now harder than ever to be seen on Instagram since there are so many accounts you are competing with. While so many growth strategies can be mentioned and it is always a good idea to try different ones till you see what works in your case, the following ones are generally highly effective.

Creating Engagement

If you want to grow the Instagram account it is always important to create engagement. Do be sure that you are engaging with your followers. Be attentive to who comments and likes your photographs. It is easier than ever to comment on the social network so do it! Through conversations you can know your customers, understand what they like, what they do not like and improve your content in the future. Whenever you have the time, visit their accounts and share the love.

When trying to reach a brand new audience, use hashtags. Try to stay within your niche so that you can get people that are going to be interested in what you post. It is true that engaging with others will take some time. If you are a blogger, marketer or Instagrammer that is really busy, consider outsourcing.

Using Hashtags

Always remember that you cannot do just one thing when you try to grow your Instagram account. For instance, you can grow the followers but when not engaging, they may simply walk away. The hashtags are vital as a part of any Instagram strategy.

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Many different beliefs appear among people when thinking about how to use hashtags. Some people say that 7 hashtags is the best approach. Others say that 20 is the best approach. In reality, there is no such thing as a magic number of hashtags to add to your post. Simply experiment and see what works in your case. For some accounts it is great to add 5 hastags while in other cases 20 will do the trick.

No matter how many hashtags you use in your posts, be sure that they are related to your niche. At the end of the day this is the most important thing with using hastags.

High Quality Photos

Never forget the fact that Instagram is mainly a photo sharing social network. You can be as strategic as possible and still not grow when your photographs are not high quality. At the same time, uploading wonderful images does not mean you will be successful. SO many incredible photographers have Instagram accounts that are pretty small.

The main thing to understand with photographs is that you want to add your very best images. This does not mean you need a very good DSLR. A good smartphone is normally enough. Hone the craft and never forget about post-production. Use software to enhance the images. There are many free tools out there that can be used.

Final Thoughts

The best way to grow your Instagram account is to be authentic. This is the most important thing since your followers will come back because of your images and your personality. You cannot have one without the other. Also, you do want to promote your Instagram account with all your other online profiles and websites.

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