How To Grow Your Blog’s Traffic Without Search Engines


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Google is constantly evolving, changing. This basically means that what worked in the past to increase SERP may not be effective anymore. With this in mind, while 90% of the entire Internet experience will start with a search, the rest does tend to come in through other methods, maybe more as people start using Google less.

SEO showcases volatility, which is not at all great, especially for a business. The entire SEO world is now in a frenzy. Specialists basically argue and do not know what works and what does not work. There are sites that saw a loss of over 70% of traffic, which is huge.

We need to be prepared. This means that we need to create a marketing strategy that does not solely rely on Google traffic. Take the suggestions below and use them to increase your traffic without having to rely on SEO.

Blog Commenting


Some people say that this is not a good idea since there is the possibility to end up with a penalty but the truth is that you will always end up with an increase of traffic as long as you comment and you do not spam. You have to be sure that you never drop a link that is not relevant or that you comment something like Thank You or similar.

Make sure that your comment is always quality. Add something to the discussion. Never think solely about leaving a comment. At the same time, drop a link only when it is needed, even if you are tempted to do something else. You have to link to a post that is relevant and that adds to the conversation, not to the main URL.

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Freebie Marketing


All people love getting something for free. A blogger that adds some sort of incentive to the reader will receive something back. You can convince people to join your email list, submit a giveaway entry or subscribe to your newsletter. The problem is that you need to find out where your potential audience is so that you can find it and present your freebies.

Social Media Marketing – Done Right

Social Media Marketing

While so many talk about social media and realize the fact that it can be a great source of traffic, they do not understand the fact that this is quite difficult. Social media is seen as a no-brainer but the complexity that you need to pull out is huge. You have to make sure that you offer quality content while also adding influencer connections, creativity, headlines and proper timing. Before you manage to get people to visit your sites, you need to get them to follow your social pages. This is a lot easier said than done.

Q&A Sites

Q&A Sites

They can bring in so much free traffic but you need to be sure that you only add a link to the content that would help with an answer. If you do not do this, your account will be banned. It is not something that you want. Try to find those questions that you can actually answer. This is what will offer the good visibility you are after.