5 Instagram Hacks To Make Your Stories Better

Adrian Cruce

Instagram stories are very effective at the moment so it should come as no surprise to notice that people want to learn how to make them better. Thankfully, there are dozens of things that can be done. Many Instagram hacks can be considered but those that you really want to be aware of are the following.

Customizing Font Colors

The Aa icon needs to be tapped in order to add text to the Instagram story. It is right in the top right corner as you want to upload or take a video or photo to the story. A keyboard will open and you can select from color ranges. What many do not know is that there are infinite color choices available. Just go to the right in color options to see 2 extra preselect colors that can be considered. Your options do not stop there.

What you want to do is choose one of the preselected colors. Tap on them and hold to open a special color bar. This allows you to choose the best color from a color spectrum. Also, there is a color dropper feature present to the left side of the bubbles of color. You end out of the keyboard screen and can choose a color right from the image. Both these options allow you to increase branding results with much needed extra styling and detail.

Changing Pen Or Font Sizes

The pen or text features will offer you tools that are defaulting to the mid-range thickness and size. Instagram gives you a great choice but if you want to shrink your text, you can change pen size for an optimal artistic style. Adjust font or pen size by adjusting slider you see on the screen’s left side. Slide the new circle that appears in order to make your pens thicker or fonts bigger.

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Solid Color Background Creation

When your wish is to share something but an image is not what you had in mind, there are options available. Simple solid color image backgrounds can be the solution you look for. What you want to do is take a random photograph to start story design. Then, look for the pen icon and select the desired color. Hold anywhere on your screen so the selected color fills the entire screen. Save the selection and keep editing by adding doodles, stickers, texts and so on.

Consecutive Posts To Build Text

When there is much text that you want to share and you do not want people to miss it, build a consecutive posts series to add extra text. A story image is going to play for seven seconds. Reading a lot of text is not possible in this time frame. Just add small text amounts on plain images or backgrounds. Then, upload the story. Save posts to the mobile device. After this, start new Instagram story posts. From your photo gallery icon select just shared image. Then you can add more text to the image, save and re-upload. You basically can continue the process until all the needed text is added.

Turn Your Photographs Into Videos

Videos can play for a maxim of 15 seconds. When you want an image or a text to remain on the screen for a longer period of time, create the image and transform it into video. Animations and music can be added to make the post stand out more. Videos instead of photos can be a great idea for many accounts as engagement is automatically improved. Attention will be captured as followers move through feed stories.

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Final Thoughts

Try to experiment as much as you can with everything you see on your screen as you upload an Instagram story. You will be surprised to see many different things you will surely love.