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Steffany Kellam

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Digg is not the most popular social media site on the web, but it has more traffic than your website, and is capable of sending over referral traffic. If you are looking to find a little bit of referral traffic, then you do have a lot of competition. However, you should remember that a lot of traffic is dynamic. People are not just looking at one page on Digg. They are likely to look at lots of pages. Your job is to make sure that one of the pages they look at is yours, and then try to convince them to have a look at your website too. This may be done via Digg, but also via its comment section, and here is how.


Use the comments on front page stories

The front page stories generate a large amount of traffic. This is probably because they are always on subjects that are just so darn irresistible. They tend to be on stories that apply to a wide variety of people, and also tend to offer an incentive. They are a little bit like the adverts you see that are made by fraudsters, where they offer to save you money, make you rich, or make you younger. The Digg front page stories always appear to have a guiding motivation for people to look at them, and then offer the information free.

The comments on front page stories generate a lot of traffic, and therefore have a lot of people looking at their comments. If you want a good chance of pulling some traffic from Digg, then you need to link from those comment sections. Be wary however, as many people do not like you linking from them, and it sometimes requires a little bit of PR on your behalf in order to stop people hating you for it. What you need to do is try to justify the link. You need to make it so that the comment you are making would scarcely make sense, if it were not for the fact that you had added the link in there.

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I am the first

Try to be the first one that posts a comment

If you post a comment that gets other people talking, then the benefits to your link will increase. The first comments are the ones that are seen the most, and hopefully you will inspire other people to comment on your comment. You may even start a discussion. This is good for your link, but is also a good way of ensuring that you do not have your comment deleted or anger the original writer. If your comment is the one that starts a discussion, then it is very difficult to remove your comment without the rest of the comments looking silly. In this way, you can almost force the original content poster to accept your comment and its link.

no promotion

Do not make the mistake of promoting…..anything!

Self-promotion on Digg is the fastest way to become hated, and will probably end with your account being suspended. You need to post a comment that is relevant to the post. This means you need to find pages that are related to your website and post on them. You cannot simply post on any old page and then link to your website, as this will create an unrelated link (which is seen as spam on Digg). Furthermore, if your comment is promotional in nature, then you are not actually commenting on the page, you are just adding a free advert. Again, this will result in you being hated by the Digg community, and will probably end up getting your profile suspended.

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quality above quantity

Post your comments and your links on high quality content pieces

Pick the ones that are very well written and well researched. You are looking for content that is going to interest a lot of people. The more people that look at the article, then the more people are going to see your links. High quality is good, but also try to find pieces that are particularly interesting to your target audience. There are some good pieces about the mating habits of ducks, but they may not interest your particular target audience. Furthermore, if your links are pointing to unrelated content then they are technically spam, and the Digg community will not react very well to spam.


Look for post that will soon be on the front page

Posting a comment on a page that is already on the front page is not a terrible idea, but it is not as advantageous as posting a comment on a new post. This will mean that your comment will appear first. That way, when the page-post ends up on the front page, it will have your comment featured highly, and your link will gain more traffic. You will have to use your best judgment in order to guess what will be popular.