Live Video Is Paramount For Modern Content Marketing

Adrian Cruce

Content marketing is definitely here to stay and live video seems to have the exact same fate in the future. We can easily see how the really large social networks like Facebook and YouTube are heavily investing in live content. This can easily evolve to the point at which it would rival TV. Because of live video even blogging may end up changing in the future. Why is that? Let’s try to answer this question as quickly as possible.

There are so many benefits associated with life video. Some are self-explanatory while others may surprise you. Here is what should always be known.

The Audience Gets To Know The Business

When compared with all the other mediums, live video stands out as it helps the viewer to know the person behind the web site. Combine the live video with a real time Q&A session and the information that people can get is huge. This is important since it can establish trust, which is vital for the success of any company.

Increased Engagement

This is the one that is pretty obvious. Engagement is vital in all forms of marketing. Live video stands out as a very natural catalyst that can boost engagement. When comparing live video with pre-recorded video, the engagement level obtained is three times higher. Normal engagement rate on Facebook is under 0.15%. With live video that rate goes up to 6.3%. This difference can only be seen as being huge. The increased engagement appears in a completely natural way.

With engagement the reach gained is also higher. On Facebook alone the videos increased 360% in the news feeds. On YouTube it is practically impossible to get one day in which youtubers do not record live content. The reach is higher than with any other medium so it cannot be dismissed.

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Increased Sales And Leads

This is what everyone is interested in when doing content marketing. With live video you get an increase in the number of leads you generate and the quality of those leads will be higher. Repeat sales are more common and the long term loyalty to the brand of that buyer will be much higher. The main reason why you see so many businesses that these days use live video is exactly the fact that sales are increased. It is the main driving force behind the constantly increasing popularity of live video.


Live video is relatively new in content marketing but it is a format that is gaining so much new popularity. It is changing the entire content marketing industry. Experts say that growth will not stop and the potential is still higher than what we see at the moment. The idea is to create live video content that is tailored around engagement. You can try various formulas until you get one that will work with your business. Then, you follow that recipe for success.

At the end of the day, live video is going to increase following numbers, generate more quality leads, increase sales and boost engagement/reach. However, this does not mean that you can simply press RECORD on your device and expect success.