Simple Tips To Write Faster Blog Posts


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Every single blogger out there will tell you that most of their time they spend working is spent writing. If you want to write high quality content you can end up in the unwanted situation in which this is really slow. That is normal since writing faster is something that takes skill, experience and time to master. The good news is there are always different things you can do to write faster. Start with the following tips and always remember that you need to keep writing to improve and become faster.

Always Have A Plan

Procrastination is really common in blogging. You want to avoid this at all costs. Waiting for inspiration simply does not work. It will be frustrating and very slow. If you want to become faster, you have to basically know what you are going to write about. This is where the plan steps in.

Psychologically speaking, this is known as implementation intention. We will not go deep into the topic but the important thing to remember is that when you do not have a plan the brain will be focused on the negative aspects. If you have a plan it will be easier to reach your goals.

Separate Planning From Writing

Many bloggers start writing and they plan as they write. This can easily lead to overloads. You want to have these tasks as 2 separate entities. Brainstorm and plan as you have your coffee in the morning. Then, write on your laptop in your office. We should know that everything around us triggers habits. You want to always break up the complex tasks into some that are simpler, easier to follow. If you plan first, you can then focus on the plan and your writing will be faster simply because all you will do will be writing.

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Write Every Single Day

Look at the watch and make it a habit to write for a specific amount of time without interruptions. It does not really matter what you write about. Eventually, you will find yourself writing faster and being more focused. Writing for just 15 minutes daily and doing it every single day will help out a lot when you are stuck and will help to find a flow.

What is tough is to get started. Just stick with it and do set time in your calendar for writing. Choose times when you are completely comfortable and there are no distractions.

Deadlines Work

As a blogger you have so much flexibility when it comes to deadlines. Unfortunately, this only makes you write slower. You will be tempted by basically everything around you. Creating deadlines and sticking to them is what counters that. Every single blog post that you plan should have a deadline. When deadlines are short, you will become more focused. Remember that motivation is a problem for most bloggers. Deadlines help you to get the motivation as you have something to work towards.

Keep Your Eyes On The End Result

When you plan a holiday, anticipating it is oftentimes the very best part. This will motivate you to pack and look for great travel deals. This is exactly what you want to do with blogging. Always focus on the end result. For some it will be publishing the article while for others it will be getting feedback. Find your blogging motivation and focus on that.

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