Snapchat Account Errors You Do Not Want To Make

Adrian Cruce

Snapchat is a relatively new social media used by individual users and businesses, with a focus on the individuals. Because of this, it is quite obvious that some mistakes are quite present. If you want to use Snapchat in your marketing strategy, you should focus on avoiding every single one of the common mistakes that are mentioned below.

Really Long Or Short Stories

It is often seen that people post stories that are simply made out of way too many videos and images. You should always try to make stories under ten snaps, with a focus on making every single one impactful. The average Snapchat user is not going to want to spend much time clicking through various snaps. When you have a message that you cannot quickly say, even if it is really important, you should think about saying it through another network since Snapchat would not be that appropriate.

Similarly, Snapchat stories can be a little too short or they can simply be uninformative. A solution to this problem is to be sure that the stories offer enough context so that they can make sense. Being concise is normally a great idea but you do not want to overdo it. Your focus should be a completely clear narrative in which you use emojis, narration and text so that the story ends up being helpful and memorable.

Stories Are Posted To Frequently

Similarly to the mistake of posting way too often on Facebook, if you post stories on Snapchat too often you will notice that many followers will not be interested. The idea is to work on the snap stories and to be sure they are as impactful as possible. Posting with lower frequency and being sure that you spread out the snaps all throughout a day is a recipe for success.

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Remember that what works great on other networks will most likely not be so great on Snapchat. Planning out the stories also offers the possibility to have more views as brand name appears higher on Recent Updates lists.

Zero Engagement Method

This happens when a Snapchat story is posted without a CTA. You want to include some prompts to take screenshots, visit sites or just post replies. That is particularly important when Snapchat is used to promote brands. Ask your viewers to interact straight from the app and there is a pretty good possibility that this will actually happen.

Similar Stories

The problem that we often see is a set of Snapchat stories that will feature the exact same themes or people. It is always a better approach to source the content from team members and even go through a brainstorming session in order to make the stories as unique from each other as possible. Spicing up these stories is not easy but it is quite necessary.

Snaps Are Not Creative

The last Snapchat marketing mistake we should mention is having snaps that are just simple images. You do want to use stickers, lenses, filters, emojis and drawings. Snapchat is fun so keeping everything simple is not that great of an idea. People do expect to see something different than a point and shoot picture. Creativity is going to quickly help you stand out.

Got a Snapchat marketing mistake to point out? We want to hear from you. What do you think the biggest mistake is?