Content Marketing Strategies To Increase Blog Traffic


Content Marketing Strategies To Increase Blog Traffic

Everyone agrees that blogging is truly great for business. It will help increase industry expertise and visibility, will build relationships with intended target audiences, offers opportunities to market brands and educates audiences about services and products. Content creation is basically just the start. You want to be sure that you publish high quality blog content and that you properly promote it. The community you build around the blog has to be loyal to reap in the benefits of blogging.

Obviously, most blog owners are interested in increased traffic. If this is your goal, here are some content marketing hacks that you can use right now.

Influencer Reviews

Every single niche has experts that are influencers. These can be really popular bloggers, celebrities, journalists or entrepreneurs. As you get these involved in the creation of content, relationships are established. These will help you to reach a wider audience you would normally not have access to. Influencer marketing is a huge 2017 trend that will surely continue in the future because of the fact that it is really effective.

What you have to do is make a list of questions that are really important for the industry. Get in touch with experts and ask them to answer. Expert interview series are really hot right now. Do notify the influencers as the articles are published so they can share with their audience.

Social Media Content Curation

Oversharing blog posts on social media is a huge mistake. You end up being too self-promotional. Instead of doing this you want to act like a curator. The goal is to offer the very best industry content to the audience you have. You thus build a loyal audience on social media that can do wonders for blog traffic. In order to attract an appropriate audience you can always use content curation apps or simply just subscribed to the top industry sites. Also, do follow important industry hashtags on Twitter for some hidden high quality content gems to share with your audience.

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Taking Advantage Of Search Trends

It is always a really good idea to write about what your target audience is looking for online. Popular keywords exist and they have search volumes that are higher. A trend develops when there is an increase in the popularity of a specific thing that people look for. Track keywords and see how search trends change. This aids you to come up with great ideas for blog content and to offer people exactly what they want to see. Google Trends is great to identify increasing search trends but you can always simply look at the content that is trending on Facebook, LinkedIn or BuzzFeed.

Optimize Headlines

Many do not see this as being a content marketing hack but it is something that you surely have to look at. The majority of the social media posts featuring links will never be clicked on. Bloggers spend so much time to create really good posts only to not be able to get attention. Hooking people starts with the headline. The very best headlines are the ones that attract interest. It sounds simple but the truth is that crafting those compelling headlines does take a lot of time and practice. Simply experiment and see what works and what does not work. Focus on length, type and what feeling is raised inside the reader.