4 Great Online Tools Every SEO Should Use


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Hello SEO addicts. Now you’ve got a handle on SEO and SEM (good job, it took me a while to figure it all out), it’s best to explore a range of tools that will deliver the best form of reporting, metrics and conversion analysis settings for your online venture. Ideally, you want to make this whole internet gamble easier on yourself, without sacrificing detail and software quality. Tools should be efficient, common sense and a breeze to use, but who has time to trawl Google for the right solutions, let alone test their capabilities. Do you want a quick fix? No problem. These are my top four to get you started.

Similar Web Pro


Similar Web Pro

Joining the internet marketing fray is almost like opening Pandora’s Box; it can be unpredictable, ultra-competitive and mercilessly cut throat as many players charge at a shared goal. The objective? Capture the consumer. Appealing to a diverse pool of demographics, interests and opinions is innately challenging – Nipping at the heels of more experienced advertisers seems virtually impossible, there’s just too much ground to cover, or is there? ‘Similar Web Pro’ is a conduit of competitor information, offering a real insight into rival traffic sources, ranking content, social activity and keyword information – The blueprint of their online identity and campaign drivers. Who wouldn’t want this information?

Link Research Tools


Link Research Tools


Imagine your corner of the internet as a neighbourhood – it’s sunny, beautiful and bursting with potential, or so you think. Backlinks are like roads leading to your site from other webpages; some are strong, some are weak and some are extremely detrimental to your rankings. ‘Link Research Tools’ is a software that assesses the health of your backlinking network, repairing or blocking off broken or undesirable links, offering competitive research metrics and link monitoring services. SEO companies and individuals use this technology – Make sure you aren’t one step behind when you need to be five ahead.

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SEO Mofo


SEO Mofo


A handy search engine simulator, ‘SEO Mofo Snippet Tool’ is an often used and much loved widget, creating theoretical SERP (Search Engine Results Page) and allowing SEO’s like you and me to perfect our META titles, descriptions and URL, letting you visualise what your SERP will look like. This is a perfect extra for adjusting your SERP description to read within the advised 72 characters (the amount that will show before disappearing into ellipsis) and putting your best, concise foot forward.

Market Samurai


market samurai


Keywords are often the answer to all of your prayers, especially if they’re targeted to strike the right audience, according to your business services or communicated information. ‘Market Samurai’ uncovers keyword opportunities, maximising exposure and drawing increased audience numbers to your page. While it requires a bit more patience compared to the polished Similar Web Pro, the software allows you to identify keyword obstacles and potential fires before they erupt and burst into flames. Of course, there are power players like MOZ (formerly SEO MOZ) that dominate the market, monopolising resources and services, offering a generic packaged solution. But if one size doesn’t fit all and you’re seeking diversity in your reporting, don’t be afraid to mix it up and experiment until you discover the right formula for you. What are some of your favourite SEO tools online? Let me know in the comments below.

Ninja Outreach


Ninja Outreach is not exactly an SEO tool but it is one that you will want to use in the event that you want to find some great opportunities to bring in new links to your website. It is basically highly useful for you to locate influencers in the industry your site is in and linking opportunities. You would use the tool to get information about some people that may be interested in linking to your content. After the lists are created you can easily send emails and potentially find guest posting or direct linking opportunities for the pages you want to rank. Also, Ninja Outreach is great for many other things, simply all that is connected with influencer marketing.

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