How Can The SEO Copywriter Adapt To Online Visual Content Marketing Trends?


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I first started working as an SEO copywriter around 2004 and the scene is so much different now. New social networks appear and the main focus in marketing campaigns is put on visuals. The work of the writer is not as easy as it used to be but it is still very important. In the past we just had to make the message stand out through optimized, quality text. Whenever talking about content creation, the text is what always stood out. Nowadays things are no longer like that.

It is a well known fact that 40% of individuals respond better to a visual piece of information. When we look on Facebook, it is obvious that photos get more comments, shares and likes. Pinterest is also quickly gaining popularity when referring to referral traffic. When faced with such stats, it is clear to see that the only thing that we can do is adapt. We have to understand that text is still important but in order to be smart about it, you have to offer what the client needs.


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Here are some tips to help you out.

Don’t Think As An SEO Copywriter Anymore!

We have copywriters and different content creators that have to work together in order for the client to achieve success. All writing that is nowadays done has to be perfect for the marketing strategy that is utilized.

It is time to make the client understand that writing supports images and that images support writing. You need to build a strategy that uses the words that you write and the images that are created so that maximum impact can be achieved. If you think as a strategist, you can make the client understand that he/she should spend money on your services.

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Work With Graphic Designers!

In order to evolve in business, you need to work together with other people. This is something that I understood thanks to my work with Digital Muscle. Since the trend is shifting towards images, a really smart thing to do is talk with some graphic designers. We can say that a strategic partnership is best for everyone involved.

Let us think about an example. If you write a long post for your blog and the writing is done for a client, you can employ the services of a good graphic artist in order to have quote images included in the post. The images can then be used in regular visual content marketing strategies on social networks. Take advantage of all that you can from Google Plus to SlideShare.

Remain Focus On Improving The Quality Of Your Writing

This is still something that counts. In fact, it counts more as trends change and technology advances. We need to stay up-to-date with what works and what does not work so that we can come up with the best possible landing page text. The role of the SEO copywriter in the development of landing pages and blog branding cannot be denied.

The graphic designer needs to create images that generate clicks. Those clicks take the possible customer to the landing page. Remember that leveraging visual marketing is still linked to what you write. It is your job to create the text that would convert the people that visit a page from potential customers to actual customers.

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While it is obvious that there are fewer jobs available for SEO copywriters, this does not mean that you cannot work. It only means that just the best of the writers will remain. It is also a possibility for everyone involved to make more money. If you manage to constantly improve and you understand what works best, it is a guarantee that all will be perfect for you in the future. The key here is: survival and adaption.