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Nothing remains constant. The apparels you put on today may not remain in vogue as per the future fashion trends, the gadget purchased today may be overshadowed by otherslaunched 6 months down the line. Definitely change is important, identical holds true with virtual world.  The trends which are applicable today may not stay viable tomorrow, especially when it comes to the Search engine optimization. If you are looking for SEO jobs, then it’s must that you stay abreast of the changing trends so that you don’t lose out on competition.

Google is now focusing on eliminating spam and delivering better experience to the user through quality content. Anticipation is that both site quality and linking will turn to be big players in the industry in the year 2014.

How the industry picksup withnew SEO norms

Companiesare going all competitive through virtual platform and focuses on expanding the SEO activities but all this is ideally possible only when right path is chosen in sync with industry norms. To stay ahead you may need to change your present practices and get adapted to the few mentioned below.

Content quality remain vital:

Content always mattered. If you are in to SEO job, content is essential. Without it you can’t stand alone. But what type of content is required. The trend when you could come up with few blogs of 500 words in a week is no more in vogue. The content required needs to be more detailed and ought to deal with facts. It should furnish information to the reader instead just revolving around. In 2013 and 2014 Super articles will witness upward trend. The lengthier pieces of articles which range between 1000 to 2000 words will become increasingly valuable.

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Variation of the content used:

If you have been so far engaged in developing blog post and free reports then it’s time to take a step ahead to gain distinct advantage. Incorporation of info graphic, videos or any other thing which makes your content more interactive can do wonders in the ranking process. Focus on the strategy of authoritative content and the type of content loaded on the site.

Authority of the Author matters:

Yes authority of the writer does matter. Google is coming up with better techniques that help in learning about everything written. Through these techniques you can easily identify as in what should be accomplished.  The site which you are connected, the number of contents posted on the site and the frequency of the articles will help you improve the ranking of your article published.

Links and the quality are important:

Google has made some adjustments to measure the link quality and to thwart the link spammers. The quality link buildings have chances to move forward and others will be discarded.

Design Matters:

Undoubtedly great design ensures credibility and reduces the trust barriers. When people visit to your site it’s the design which they encounter. If your website has a professional appeal then there are more chances for you to earn huge.

Guest Post gaining importance:

One of the most important ways of building links is guest post. Guest post help in easy link building and helps in cultivating relationships with other writers in the field.Guest posts are now treated as the new way of article marketing and rightly help in pushing the site ranking.

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