How to Spruce Up Your Instagram Stories


Instagram stories can be an engaging way of engaging with followers and building community, as well as being used to promote events, products, or services. Furthermore, using the countdown sticker you can set an exact date and time for the release of new posts or videos.

Add other accounts to your Story by tagging them and encouraging them to share it via direct messages (DMs). This can increase views on your Story.

Take a photo or video

Instagram Stories are only temporary; they only last 24 hours before disappearing forever. But you can create custom visuals using filters and stickers, making your Story truly stand out. Plus, Instagram lets you track who viewed your story – an invaluable feature for businesses wanting to monitor engagement levels!

Be sure to make your Instagram Stories videos short and captivating by uploading an MP4 version for optimal compression. Text, drawings tools, animations, stickers or questions or polls may further drive engagement if applicable – perfect if your business requires ongoing engagement!

One way of creating Instagram Stories is to post directly from your feed onto your Story. This can be used to promote giveaways, direct followers back to original post or simply highlight content that’s worth sharing – though make sure you ask permission first before sharing other people’s posts in your own Stories!

Keep in mind that Instagram Stories are designed for sound-off viewing, so avoid adding audio that requires listening. Instead, include captions with your videos to convey key messages and provide context. Instagram Stories is an incredible tool that allows you to engage with followers and expand your business; with its various features it is no wonder so many users love using the app; but be wary of potential risks involved if you fail to take the necessary precautions while using Instagram Stories; without taking adequate precautions your account could be at risk of being deleted!

Add text

Instagram provides many tools to customize your stories on its platform. From adding text to mentions, hashtags, gifs, music, location time stamps polls questions countdown quizzes and quizzes you have everything at your fingertips to add flare.

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To add text, select an image or video and tap on the screen to open the text tool. Type your caption before tapping again to save and post to your story. You can further customize your text by tapping and choosing different fonts, sizes and colors; even adding neon effects by selecting Neon font!

Instagram Stories offer another fun trick of layering multiple text captions over each other to create comic effects. To do this, take a picture and add one light-colored text caption before layering a second one that’s slightly askew on top; repeat this process as many times as desired!

Instagram allows you to add text, stickers, and more directly into the corners of your story videos – these will move along with the video as it plays! Furthermore, they allow users to report any inappropriate material which might harm their followers’ wellbeing.

Make your stories more eye-catching by customizing the background color. Just swipe left on the color previews for two additional pages with nine colors to select from, or set text, brush and accent colors for individual stories. Or create gradient backgrounds by taking multiple photos at the same time and using our multi-capture tool!

Add a sticker

Stickers are an easy and fun way to add flair and intrigue to your Instagram story. Use them to answer questions, promote special offers or simply for aesthetic reasons – or as an easy way to gain more followers! To add one, tap the smiley face icon located at the top left of your screen which will open your sticker tray and let you choose from available stickers.

Sticker stickers on Instagram Stories allow users to add any GIF, image or transparent image as an interactive element of their story. Simply copy and paste the desired GIF/image/transparency into Instagram before tapping the sticker icon. Recently Instagram introduced link stickers which allow people to share links directly within stories rather than just in bios – ideal for businesses that offer e-commerce or lead generation sites.

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Add music stickers as another effective way of engaging your audience and driving traffic to your website or other social media accounts. From lip-syncing videos to holiday songs, this can be an engaging tool that engages audiences while driving them forward with action steps.

Be sure to use a location sticker at any local event or farmers market to highlight where you are and help customers easily locate you amongst a sea of people – this will also enable them to connect with local businesses in their community.

Create custom branded hashtags to increase awareness for your business or event and to drive engagement on Instagram. Your followers can easily view all content related to a hashtag with ease, which could result in increased interaction from followers of that tag.

Add a musical note

Instagram Stories enable you to add up to 15 seconds of music, selected from Facebook’s Sound Collection which offers over 9,000 royalty-free tracks. In addition, text, hashtags and Polls can also be included into your Story for added personal expression. When selecting music as part of a Story post on Instagram it is essential that the right tune be chosen so your narrative comes through clearly.

Your Story allows you to choose from an impressive library of songs ranging from popular hits and classics, with pop-up menus making selection simple. Select specific parts such as chorus or bridge; additionally you can personalize it further by choosing Layout or Separate to make every image/video segment its own separate segment in your story.

This feature is currently available in New Zealand, France, Germany, Australia, Sweden, Mexico, Japan, the UK and US. In order to use it you will require either a personal account or business account with verified domain. As per copyright and piracy issues Instagram requires a license in order to play music on stories.

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Upload music from your library, search YouTube or Spotify, find it via Instagram’s musical note icon in your tools palette and select from their selection of songs available on Instagram, or shorten a song to fit the length of a video by dragging its green audio track sidebar leftward. Delete or replace it at any time if needed!

Go live

Instagram Stories offer brands looking to expand their presence on the platform without adding too much content directly to their main Instagram page an effective way to increase exposure without overwhelming their followers. You can use Stories to showcase products and services while engaging more intimately with followers – recent additions include live video streaming capabilities!

The new feature allows you to go live with the camera on your phone by tapping “Live” in the menu bar at the bottom. You can add titles and privacy options, before ending your stream by tapping X in the top right.

Plan ahead when creating live videos; set an exact time and date for their broadcast to increase audience interest and encourage viewers to tune in. Also include any pertinent details in your description so they are easier for viewers to locate it.

Sticker options available to enhance your live video:

Add Yours – This sticker encourages users to contribute photos to your story and maintain conversations around your brand. It’s an effective way of keeping conversations moving forward and showing off brand presence.

Use this sticker to collect questions from viewers during a live video, answering them either directly in-video or posting as polls to your profile.

Instagram Stories’ Live feature is an exciting new development on the platform, providing businesses with an opportunity to go live and experiment with video engagement rates that outpace photo posts alone. Be sure to explore different features on Instagram Stories until you find what works for your business best!