How To Measure The Quality Of The Content You Create

Adrian Cruce

The way in which content performs around the site will always matter a lot. Valuing and measuring content impact is problematic. The website you have is always going to be seen as a potential first impression created for a potential customer. Content stands out as a key element for most industries. That is why you have to measure and define its value. Consider the following to do just that.

Build A Content Strategy With Governance

Before executing the strategy you had in mind, focus on the quality of that strategy. Any content strategy is built around content audit. This practically means you need to see what you have, what the competitors developed and see what gaps appear between the two. When you do this you can understand how to create a truly high-level content strategy. When you publish content, governance steps in to maintain and measure over the entirety of the life cycle.

How Are Customers Engaging With The Content?

This is question you should always ask. Engagement scoring is basically a defined, methodical way in which you value user interactions across the digital assets you own. Setting up engagement scores is difficult. It basically focuses on looking at different site actions, analyzing their weight and then tracking the score as time passes. Most specialists look at content types and how much content is consumed through loads, exits, scrolls and clicks. Recency, visitor loyalty and duration can be analyzed.

The Role Of The Content In Keeping Visitors On The Site

This is another highly important concept focused on measuring content strategy. We are faced with content velocity, which means measuring exactly how influential the content is in terms of keeping users engaged. Basically, this is a way to measure if your content is sticky enough to keep someone on the site. The page that has higher content velocity will keep the user on the site and will encourage him/her to consume even more content. The page that has lower velocity will be one where a user will quickly leave right after landing.

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Content velocity real value appears when you look at the way in which individual content pieces perform. You then analyze them and you understand what comparison appears in terms of expectations, together with content type benchmark.

Is The Content Leading Towards A Good Business Outcome?

For the marketer it is really important to understand how a visitor converts. Business goals always have to be taken into account. We normally look at various metrics like conversion rates or conversions. This is done by analyzing channels used to bring in visitors on an app or a website. It is important since it will show you how to allocate your investment budgets. First-time visitors are the ones that always have to be analyzed. See if the content you create does lead towards a business outcome that you have as a goal. If not, some changes should be done.


Always be sure that you analyze your content and you see if it is valuable or not. If not, you want to improve and offer the visitors what they want.