Fashion Blogging Advice For Quick Growth


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The fashion blogosphere is a competitive and also a crowded space. It is hard to bring something new to the table but mandatory if you want to have a successful fashion blog that will stand out from the crowd. Before opening a fashion blog, we highly advise you to take a look at your favorite blogs and to seriously ask yourself why you like them. Is it the fashion sense of the blogger? Is it the writing style? Or maybe the pictures?

There are a few things any blogger should respect in order to have a good blog. Being different and creative are the most important things but, when it comes to fashion blogging, there are other elements that contribute to great blogs that have a huge community of followers. If you are a beginner, this list of blogging tips for fashion bloggers will help you to create and maintain a blog that has the potential to become a great source of income but also a place where readers will be happy to come back.

What Can You Bring To The Table?

This is probably the first question that you should ask yourself before starting a blog or when you want to make your fashion blog better. You have to be different if you want to succeed in this competitive industry so try to find what makes you different. It can be anything from your fashion style, writing style, photography style or approach to fashion in general. Fashion blogging is the main niche but there are some categories you need to explore before launching your blog or changing the direction of your existing blog. For example, if you have the expertise, you can create a fashion blog with style tips instead of featuring your everyday outfits or you can feature your daily outfits in a different manner than your favorite bloggers and online influencers.

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Create And Maintain Your Online Brand

If you want to be successful, you have to think in terms of branding and not only in terms of fashion. Years ago, when the fashion blogosphere was not  as crowded as it is nowadays, fashion bloggers had the luxury to focus on fashion and style articles and not on marketing and branding techniques. Their blogs grew naturally and their brand evolved over time. However, today it is impossible to have a successful blog without marketing or branding knowledge. Read some books and learn the basics of marketing for the fashion industry and work on your brand. It is important to have a domain name that stands out but also represent you and your articles. Your online image is also very important so make sure you have a good logo, a modern blog theme and you select a color scheme and some branding elements to use on all the platforms you manage.

Know Your Audience

It is hard to determine your audience if you are a beginner but try to find blogs that are similar to yours and create a reader profile. Find out who would read the type of articles you write or want to write, this will allow you to choose the best tools for promoting your blog and it will give you access to the right communities. Not knowing who you write for is like walking blindfolded. If you are lucky, you won’t hit the walls, but if you are not, you might get stuck not knowing where to go next.

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Content Tips For Fashion Bloggers

After you decided what makes you unique, make sure you develop a writing style that is easy recognizable and stick to it. You can write informative articles, you can take a fun approach to fashion, you can be childish or you can be very specific – whichever style you choose, make sure it is reflected in all your articles but also in your visuals. Don’t write articles just for the sake of writing them, make sure everything you write is a reflection of who you are and who you want to be as a fashion blogger. Authenticity is often overlooked but staying true to your fashion persona will bring you a significant number of benefits over time.

Another important aspect, when it comes to fashion content, is creating and respecting a schedule. If you are a beginner, it is recommended to start with 2 or 3 articles per week however, if you have a lot of time, you can write daily. This will increase your traffic and it will help you build a community. Once you’ve built the community, you can write 1, 2 or 3 articles per week but make sure you always let your readers know about a change in your publishing schedule. You can select subject for your days of publishing articles. In this way your readers will know when they will find a topic they are interested in on your blog.