How To Instantly Improve The Quality Of Your Blog Posts

Adrian Cruce

How To Instantly Improve The Quality Of Your Blog Posts

The quality of your blog posts is much more important than how many articles are published. If you want your blogging adventure to be truly successful, you want to improve the overall quality of all the blog posts you write. In theory, this is really simple to do. In reality, not many can get this done, mainly because they do not actually know what has to be done.

There are various different things you can do in order to improve blog post quality. We will now focus on some tips that can help you out really fast.

Spend Time To Create A Great Title

When people find your blog posts in search engines they first see the title. This is why it is very important that you write a really good one, a title that is going to attract visitors and make them want to click. You can take different approaches, with some being more effective in some niches. However, in most cases there are two things you can do:

  • Write a title that clearly states what will be delivered
  • Write a title that aims to raise emotions in your readers

Try to experiment with different title types so you can find what works for the audience you have right now and the audience you intend to have.

Some Keyword Research Helps

You do not need to be a master of SEO but it is always a very good idea that you at least know the basics of search engine optimization. One of those basics is doing proper keyword research. You need to know what people would look for when they would find your blog post.

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After you find the keywords you want to target, you need to be sure they are added in some parts of your blog post:

  • In the title
  • In the meta description
  • Inside content paragraphs
  • In sub headings

Long Articles Are Better

Some time ago the common SEO approach was to create articles of up to 500 words with a main focus on a couple of keywords. This no longer works since the Google ranking algorithm favors what is listed as content quality. The truth is you cannot actually present a topic in its entirety in short articles. It is always a lot better to write longer articles and deliver everything about the main subject you show in the title.

As an example, let us say that you want to write an article about the best cheeses in France. The common approach is to just list them and write a couple of sentences about them. Making everything longer form, like in this article about types of cheese from France, will make people stay longer because quality is much higher. People do not just learn about cheese types from France. They also learn important facts about them.

Formatting Is Really Important

Formatting is very important for any blog post because of two reasons. For starters, it helps to skim the content. People that are in a hurry or do not want to read long articles can quickly find the sections they want to actually read more about. Secondly, it helps the search engines to find out what the content is actually about so better ranking can be present.

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When talking about formatting there are many things that can be mentioned but the important things you should always consider include:

  • Use sub headings to clearly define various sections of the content.
  • Use bullet points whenever it would be useful.
  • Add appropriate images that support the article.
  • Use internal links to content that is related
  • Use external links if they point to high quality content that is related to the blog post.

Don’t Use Slang Or Highly Technical Terms

In many cases we see people that want to showcase the fact that their knowledge level is very high on the topic they write about but the result is an article that is filled with too many technical terms or slang. As a result, many visitors do not really like reading that article.

When you write high quality content it is really important that you use simple language. You want to be sure that you can explain everything in a way that anyone can understand. If you have to use technical terms or slang, clearly define everything and explain what all means.

Final Thoughts

If you want the blog post to be of a very high quality, make sure that you take time to work on the text. You have to be sure that you proofread everything and that you make additions that would improve blog post quality. Spending time helps you to create the quality your visitors look for.