When Blog Posts Are Hard To Read

Adrian Cruce

When Blog Posts Are Hard To Read

If blog posts are really hard to read, nobody will read them! This is quite obvious. The problem is that most people do not actually understand when and why that happens. Remember that if you wrote the article, you will be subjective. Since you already know what you wrote, you will believe that the article is easy to read when that is incorrect. Here are the most common reasons why blog posts are really hard to read:

Not Enough Whitespace Used

Whitespace is really important for any blog. This term refers to the areas that are empty on a page. You need it because it helps the visitors to focus solely on the content. You can add space around images, between paragraphs, between text lines and around text blocks in order to make everything easier to read. When there is not enough whitespace you can easily end up faced with content that is really hard to read.

Lack Of Section Headers

Section headers will help you to offer a much better experience for readers. They are even really helpful for you since you end up breaking writing into the chunks that adequately represent those main points that you want to highlight. Organization is always great and the reader wants to know exactly how to get to a specific part of the article that is delivered.

Long Paragraphs

Nobody loves to see a blog post that is made out of one or just a few long block texts. This is one of the most common mistakes that appear as the blogger ends up being caught up in its own ideas and lays them in writing.

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You do not have to write less. You just have to split your writing into several paragraphs, making everything shorter. A proper recommended length is of around 3-4 phrases per paragraph. This makes everything a lot easier to read on computers, tablets and other mobile devices.

Improper Font Use

Tiny fonts make it really hard to read content on any page, especially if you use a device with a small screen. You need to avoid this at all costs by picking a font size that has a suitable size for all. Remain focused on clarity and pick sans-serif fonts for your blogs since they are so much easier to read online.

Content Formatting Problems

You most likely heard it before but it is so easy to dismiss the advice. When you format your text, a lack of bullet points, bold text or hyperlinks is damaging. Remember the fact that online readers tend to scan text and few read every single thing that is presented. With this in mind, do all that you can in order to format your text with the use of bullet points, bold text and hyperlinks. You can also use numbered lists, of course.

Not Adding Images

In most cases the most important part of the content is the text, of course. However, just having text on a page is not at all attractive. Images will break up text and make it a lot easier to scan. The post is much easier to understand at a first glance. If you do not want to add many images, at least add one that is present on top of the article. That makes everything a lot more attractive.

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