Google Search Tips To Help You Find What You Look For

Adrian Cruce

Even though it was created back in 1998, most people that use the internet don’t know there are so many easy ways to search via Google. Let’s face it, we only use the search bar to write certain words and click on the links that we find useful.

Google Search

The truth is, Google is so much more and this article is to help you use it at its full capacity in order to make your internet experience easier and more “colorful”. In the past 10 years the search engine changed so much that it became more than that. You can now use Google for basically anything, because it is created to serve you and it evolves once with our society, trying to keep up with all of our needs.

It only had 2 buttons at the beginning: “Search” and “I feel lucky”; things changed a lot lately and many other products have been launched. A good and common example would be “Chrome” that is used in this very moment by over 60% of all the internet users. (Yes, you can even search for that).

First of all, there is Search By Image

If you want to find the source of an image, you can just use Search By Imagine and find all the sites that have published it. It can be very handy in virtual life where people easily take an image from the internet and pretend it’s them. But, besides helping you from frauds and fake people in the virtual world, you can also print screen a sequence from a video and search it with Google to save a better quality in your computer.

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Search By The Type Of The File

Let’s say you need something from school, or a guide, or anything work-related. If you know the file type of the document you are looking for, simply write what you want to look for, “filetype:” and write the format of the file. It is pretty useful if you think of it and it can save you even hours when you try to look for a specific document and you don’t know its source.

You can also search via Google on a certain Site

If you want to find a information and you know exactly the site you can find it on, all you need to do it to write the site, followed by “:” and the information you are looking for. Truth being said, it happened to me more than once to spend a lot of time searching on a certain text in the entire site instead of just using Google to do the work for me. When I found out about this little trick, I basically stopped using a site directly and search it on Google instead. I can tell you that it’s so much easier from my own experience.

Search by a certain expression that you need

If you write in quotes what you want to find, Google will automatically give the results of the sites that use the exact same sentence of expression. If you didn’t know you can do that, remember that it is very easy for people to figure out what is the source of all the works you’ve written.

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Those are the most simple ways to search on Google without bothering to surf among useless information that have nothing do to with what you actually need. It can make your life easier and you’ll notice an improvement in the time you spend in front of the screen.