Really Simple Twitter Marketing Tips To Increase Marketing Results


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When it comes to Twitter, most marketers are lost. They do not know what has to be done and results are usually mediocre. While there are basically hundreds of tips that we can offer, since you are here, there is a huge chance that you need some simple tips to increase your marketing results. This is what we will focus on.


Find Suitable Search Results

The truth is that many have no idea about how to properly use Twitter Search. Many think that they simply search for keywords and the results will be similar to what Google would return. This is definitely not the case. In reality, Twitter searches for posts that include all the keywords. Make sure that you use the “or” operator. That will aid you to come across results that are far more relevant.

Making Sure That Videos And Images Appear On Your Feed

It is a well-known fact that including photos and videos would increase retweet rate. Videos and photographs are really important for engagement and adding them to the tweets properly is really important. The Image Expand feature just works in the event that you use the website or the Twitter app. Nowadays you can even add animated GIFs. You cannot add through applications like HootSuite if you make a mistake when you share. Always verify to be sure that images and videos actually appear.

Use Favorite

It is a shame to notice that many do not actually use the favorite option. The big brands can easily favorite tweets as an alternative to responding to tweets. So many sites and bots encourage using automatic favoriting. This is not something that is a good idea. We even have some firms that will favorite a tweet without reading what is written. That is obviously not a good idea.

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Remember that Twitter can actually suspend the account in the event that you favorite too much. You have to basically use this function as a thanks or as an approval.

Replying To Appropriate Audience

Too many believe that tweets that are sent will appear in the streams but that is definitely not the truth. Whenever staring the tweet with the use of “@handle”, only followers and the people in common will see the result in stream. That obviously limits everything. If there is something that you want everyone to see, simply use “.” before the handle.


It always seems easy and logical to use the Retweet button. However, Twitter does not allow anyone that has its tweet retweeted to reply or favorite it. That limits interaction, which is definitely not something that you want to see happen.

You have to be sure that you will use this retweet function in a suitable way. It is always a good idea to use MT or RT and just copy the original tweet that you want to highlight.

We can safely say that these options are really great for increasing Twitter interaction. However, many other techniques exist. Make sure that you read all that you can about the strategies that you can use. There are many available options.