Beginner Blog Writing Problems That Hurt Growth

Adrian Cruce

Beginner Blog Writing Problems That Hurt Growth

As a beginner you can expect to make many mistakes with blog promotion and the following errors are quite often met. It is not at all difficult to solve them but you should be aware of the blog promotion mistakes in the first place for that to happen. Most of the mistakes will be related to your writing. This is why we have to focus on blog writing so that you know what you should change. Here are some blog writing mistakes you should always avoid.

Blogging About Random Topics – Vacuum Ideas

As you start blogging you will be faced with numerous ideas that seem to come when you least expect it. The ideas can come at truly random moments but they do not have to be random. The simple fact that you have a good idea does not really mean it is a very good one for you. The blog posts need to serve larger goals. You are blogging in order to grow the business. This is why you have to be sure that ideas are connected to the industry and that specific concerns or questions are addressed.

Remember that promotion starts with what you are promoting. If the initial blog post is not relevant, you are working for nothing.

Stiff Writing

When you write your school term paper you are faced with highly strict requirements and a specific style has to be respected. This is something that often translates into blogging. Writing style should always be enjoyable for people or you would be faced with huge, long term problems. If writing is too stiff, promotion will not be successful. This is something that is true for both the actual blog post and the promotion material you develop. Thankfully, the solution is really simple. You just need to write exactly like you talk. Be conversational in writing and everything is going to be a lot better on the long run.

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Not Showing Personality

People do not really care about the blogger as the writer. Many believe that the audience will be interested in the interests and stories of the blogger but that is not actually the case. The truth is that people actually care about whatever it is that you can teach. This is why it is very important that you show your personality instead of telling everyone about it. Relate with the readers and write using the first person. Make the tone approachable, engaging and personal.

Covering Really Broad Topics

As most people start blogging they will want to cover the really big topics like how money is made online or the very best business practices. These topics are very broad and have to be avoided since there are numerous nuances and details that should be cover. If the topic is too broad you are not going to be able to find answers to all the questions people want. Specific topics will attract a much more targeted and smaller audience that is of a much higher quality. This means there is a much higher possibility to turn visitors into customers and leads.

Lack Of Blog Post Outline

As the blogger gets an idea, it is tempting to let it all flow out. The result is normally a blog post that is sub-par. A style of writing that relies on stream of consciousness is normally bad for a blog post. People tend to scan blog posts instead of reading so everything in the article needs to be properly organized. You should always use headers, create outlines and use post types. Think about what blog post type is the best for the topic covered and create the difference through a proper outline. All you need is time to organize the thoughts so that you can come up with a logical flow in the blog post. This will do wonders for future promotion campaigns.

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