9 Blogging Tips For Beginner Fashion Bloggers

Adrian Cruce

9 Blogging Tips For Beginner Fashion Bloggers

If you’re passionate about fashion and you’re thinking about starting your own fashion and style blog, there are many things you need to learn. All the things you need to do and the information you need to know can be overwhelming. However, fashion blogging is fun so don’t get discouraged. Check out our fashion blogging tips below and use them to build up a loyal blog following.

Do Not Give Up

You’re entering a competitive world that is intimidating. Fashion bloggers seem to be creative and happy all the time. The truth is, behind the scenes, their world is not all smiles and happiness. Their lives can be pretty hectic and stressful. Just like with any other job.

The key here is to not let the stress take over your joy. Most importantly, don’t let fear holding you from achieving your dream. In other words, don’t give up when things get hard.

Believe it or not, this is what will make you a successful fashion blogger. Many aspiring bloggers expect success overnight. When this doesn’t happen, they think it’s impossible to be noticed and they stop blogging.

Have A Signature Style

You don’t have to wear the same type of outfits or write funny articles all the time but it is important to have something that people will recognize you by – whether that’s your hair color, writing style or outfit style, make sure you have that special something that no one else has.

You are a unique individual so if you stay true to yourself, you won’t struggle with this part. You don’t have to follow trends and wear clothing items from new collections to be a fashion blogger. Do you like vintage clothing? Show that in your outfits. Or, perhaps, you prefer grunge style. Or maybe retro. Or even Lolita style. Make sure your readers know what you love to wear.

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Go Social

Fashion bloggers have to be active on social media to build a following. You don’t have to create an account on all social media platforms. You’ll waste your time trying to post on irrelevant platforms. Instead of wasting your valuable time, focus on platforms that have active users interested in fashion. Instagram and Pinterest are your best bets but you can also use Twitter if you’re good at writing witty fashion-related tweets.

Go Offline

While being active on social media is mandatory if you want to become a fashion blogger, participating in offline events is equally important. In the beginning, it will probably be hard to get invited to fashion events, however, you can attend meet and greats organized by your favorite fashion bloggers or fashion Youtubers. In this way, you’ll meet other people who are just as passionate about fashion as you are. Engage with other attendees and invite them to read your blog.

At this type of event, you’ll also meet fellow style bloggers. Offer to give them a shout-out on social media if you like their content. They will most likely return the favor. Beginners should always support each other. There’s enough room for everyone in the fashion blogosphere. And who knows, maybe a big blogger will notice you and decide to support you.

Don’t Steal Images

It’s tempting to go online and download a few pictures that perfectly illustrate your articles but don’t give in to temptation. Stealing other blogger’s hard work is not only unethical but also damaging for your image. If you really love a picture, post it on your blog and mention the source. Better yet, send the owner an email and ask them if you can post their picture on your site. Make sure they know you’ll credit them.

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Take Your Own Pictures

You can post pictures from the internet from time to time (as long as you buy them or credit the authors as advised). However, it is better if you use your own pictures.

You don’t need the best camera in the world to take good outfit pics. You also don’t need a photographer. All you need is your phone and a tripod. Go out to take pictures early in the morning when there aren’t many people outside. Or ask your friends to take pictures of you when you’re out with them.

Learn SEO

When you’re starting out, it is important to focus on creating content you like. As long as your blog is optimized and you create high-quality articles, you are set. However, as time passes, you have to become more strategic with your content. You can start by learning SEO basics.

SEO will help you to bring your articles closer to your readers. Be careful not to overdo it since it is easy to get carried away. Keep in mind no one wants to read repetitive articles that lack style.

Don’t Say Yes To Everything

When you get your first brand deal offer or when you start to see income from affiliate links, it is easy to get overly excited and lose perspective. Although you can have sponsored articles, ads, and affiliate links on your blog, it’s important to always recommend products that you actually like. Don’t do it just to get more money, readers don’t like it when that happens. And trust us, they will notice if you’re not genuine.

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Create Original Content

This is the last fashion blogging tip but, frankly, the most important one. We already talked about the importance of having original images on your blog. Well, the same thing goes for articles.

Don’t copy others, use your own voice to tell a story. And if you ever run out of ideas, here are a few ways to find inspiration:

  • Talk about seasonal fashion. When seasons change, fashion change so there are many content opportunities for you.
  • Follow fashion week hashtags on social media and see what’s trending. This will help you write content people actually want to read.
  • Wear a clothing article in a different way and document the process. This type of article never goes out of style.
  • Write product reviews – as long as you’re honest, your readers will be excited to read what you have to say.
  • Go out of your style comfort zone and try new styles and outfits. Again, document your journey on the blog.
  • Articles with fashion and style tips are always welcomed in the blogosphere.
  • Collaborate with fellow bloggers. Swap styles, interview them, analyze their style on your blog. You’ll build your network and create content for your blog at the same time.