5 Huge SEO Mistakes Too Many People Will Make In 2014

We all know search engine optimization constantly changes and it is now more important than ever to stay focused on the mistakes that you could make since it is not actually 100% clear what works. A few years ago we knew how to use densities and various types of links in order to find success. Nowadays that recipe would be a disaster and even various moves that were highly effective in 2013 could end up hurting your site.

While a lot of people stay focused on what went great in the past, you should try to turn your head towards what will not work in the future. This will keep you going in the right direction.

social media

1. Overlooking Social Media

While there is no clear statement about this and logic dictates that social media is not useful because of the no follow attribute, we already know of various studies that showcased the importance of social media in search engine optimization. We live in an online environment that is mobile in nature and people tend to spend a lot more time on networks when compared with regular websites. We are basically forced to use social strategies in order to reach the people that we want to reach.

Social media also has the power to bring in links in an indirect way. For instance, a blog owner that is a fan can see an article that he likes and can bring in a 100% natural link on his blog towards your content. We all know how Google loves these links.

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2. Not Using Relevant Content

The internet is quickly expanding and it is now obvious that the sites with a lot of traffic have content that is highly relevant. Irrelevant and duplicate content need to be avoided at all cost. Also, when you use keywords that are irrelevant, you can end up with content that is labeled as being spam. In order for a website to be SEO friendly, it needs to have useful and relevant content.

We have to add something about guest posting. This is a practice that has been used for a long time by webmasters to gain more content and by SEO specialists to get new backlinks. However, with this relevant content problem it is vital that any guest post accepted adds value to the content that already exists on a web site.

Make sure that you think about this when you accept content written by others and when writing content for other websites

mobile optimization

3. Not Optimizing For Mobile Devices

SEO mobile optimization is nowadays crucial and its importance will surely grow in 2014. A huge mistake that so many site owners make and that will surely be made in the future is the ignorance associated with mobile device optimization.

Statistics clearly showcase a growth in the number of people that use mobile devices to browse the internet. However, the majority of websites look horrible when viewed on tablets or mobile phones. The visitor will find your site but will go somewhere else to find the information that he is after. This automatically increases bounce rate and signals to search engines that your results should not be high in mobile searches. That is why such a mistake is highly damaging this year.

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4. Keyword Stuffing

It is surprising to see that people still stuff as many keywords as possible in the content that they offer. A basic rule of thumb that SEO specialists always recommend is: when you read your article and you do not feel it to be natural, you most likely stuffed too many keywords.

There are many that will tell you to use many synonyms and variations of the keyword in order to basically trick search engines. Contrary to what you might think, this does not work. Not only will the visitors realize that there is something wrong with your content as it is not natural, the search engines will also realize this and might penalized various pages on your sites.

While keyword density is definitely still important and can bring in good results in SERP, your focus has to be put in offering useful content. This automatically brings in natural signals from various other websites, helping you to rank in a natural way. You need to understand that online content has to be written for visitors, not for the spiders. Learn how users read on the internet and adapt to that.


5. Believing That SEO No Longer Works

There are already so many that declared SEO to be dead. Well, SEO agencies still exist and specialists are still making money by making modifications to websites. This clearly highlights that such a belief is work. While it is obvious that you could make mistakes this year, it would be a lot worse not to do anything at all.

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Stay up to date with what happens in the industry and subscribe to blogs that talk about search engine optimization. Read all that you can and you will definitely end up making good moves in 2014. Never act in the heat of the moment or because you read something on a blog. Double check the information and you should be safe.

You Need An SEO Strategy

It does not matter how big your site is. If you have a site, you need to always think about what you can do so that you can climb in search engine rankings. When your SEO strategy is a proper one, traffic grows. It is as simple as that.

Most likely, the biggest mistake that you can make in 2014 is to start doing SEO work without a strategy. You need to create your strategy right now if you do not have one. There is this general belief that you need many different backlinks in order to rank really high. This is not longer a reality. Now the most important thing in SEO is the quality of the backlinks that your site has. You can have one really good link that has more quality and can rank you higher than 1,000 other links.

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