5 Free Website Builders You Want To Try

Adrian Cruce

Free web design software can be incredibly useful for all the people that want to create a site that looks great but do not have the necessary technical knowledge do do this. The keen coders will surely use specialist software but those with a limited expertise will want to use something that is simpler.

We now have access to so many different web building platforms. Some are great while others are horrible. Because of how many exist at the moment, it is quite difficult to choose some that you want to take into account. We will not focus on those that are perfect for complete beginners though. Even the specialists will find value in the free website builders we will highlight in the following paragraphs.

CoffeeCup Free HTML Editor

coffeecup-free-html-editorCoffeeCup HTML Editor has been around for a long time, being used by both professionals and beginners. The free version is one that is not considered since there is this belief that quality offered is not great but that is incorrect. The app that you get will run fast, you easily learn it and the sites that appear are quite stellar. Obviously, you will not get some of the features of the paid version like built-in FTP or Color Schemer but the software is more than enough to create pretty good websites. In fact, CoffeeCup Free HTML Editor is the number one free website builder that you have to consider.


pspadPSPad is a free HTML editor that is text based so only the more experienced users should consider it. This software comes with many different tools that are very useful for the modern web developer. It is definitely not pretty but it is good. Old school programmers are going to really like the interface and the features, including the editor and the FTP client that allows on-server direct editing. Support and templates for the really common languages like VBScript, HTML and PHP are included. If you prefer the WYSIWYG interface, PSPad is not for you but if not and you have knowledge, you want to consider the software.

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Google Web Designer

google-web-designerMost people do not even know this exists but Google Web Designer is actually pretty good at creating great HTML5 animations for the site you have. The name is quite misleading as the designer is aimed towards animations and adverts. However, you can use it if you want to build some cross-platform elements you then add to another program. Some of the things that you can create include 3D objects, events, layers and Google Drive integration. Results are much more impressive than what you may think.



SynWrite is a text based editor that is also suitable for the experienced developers. For beginners this is definitely way too much but if you are a coder, you want to look at the program. It is so small that you can take it with you on a small USB flash drive and features a full code editor that has macro recording, clipboard history, coding helpers, text clips, plugins, previews, search, code templates and much more. You should use this for so many things from coding to layout.



This is a great web responsive design tool but there are a few limitations some people do not like. That is mainly because there is a free version that we talk about right here. You will only be allowed to create 1 site and size is limited to 10 MB. You also end up with ads in your site. However, it is good enough to practice and start working since the templates are good looking and the support is pretty good.

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