Tips To Increase The Efficiency Of Link Building Outreach Campaigns


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Link building can be monotonous, especially when referring to email outreach campaigns you set up to get great backlinks. Every single SEO specialist out there will tell you that this is necessary but you will find it hard to locate one that likes it. Email outreach campaigns can be really effective or can be pretty bad. Every single conversion counts a lot. Let’s just say that you are sending out around 500 emails every single month and the conversion rate is two percent. This practically means 120 links every single year. Change the conversion to 5% and you end up with 300 backlinks. The difference is huge.

Increasing link building outreach campaign efficiency should be a top priority. Here are some tips that will help you out in getting a better conversion rate.

Separate Prospects Into Tiers

In outreach campaigns you need to personalize messages so you get better responses, although this does take a lot of time. Most people end up sending semi-personalized emails to the prospects. This is a mistake. What you want to do is to separate prospects into potential tiers. Do it based on domain authority, social media followers and traffic potential. When an objective threshold is met, personalize your emails as much as possible. If the potential benefits are not too high, a template email is better.

Always Offer Value In Return

Although link begging is something that might work in some cases, offering value is a lot better. For instance, let’s say you pitch an infographic. Instead of just presenting it and asking for a share, go the extra mile and offer to write guest posts to complement that infographic. This drastically increases response rates.

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Use Names In Emails

Nothing makes an email sound like an automated message like lack of personalization. Site owner name is normally the best approach when thinking about what to add to create some sort of connection. A great way to do this is to add name in subject line, the email’s first sentence and the last sentence.

High authority site owners receive many different pitches every single week. If you include the name different times it shows that the email is not a mass one and that you are a person as opposed to an automated message.

Add Personality To Your Emails

A really common pitfall in link building email outreach campaigns is trying to sound too professional. Remember that deleting emails is very easy. This is why you want to offer a clear reason why that should not happen. You can be as weird as you want to as long as you do not go into something controversial. If you are different than the rest of the crowd, you have a much higher possibility to get a response.