Submitting Guest Posts To Obtain Leads – How To Make It Easier

In the past year we basically saw a huge attack against guest posting by the Google Anti-Spam team with Matt Cutts leading the charge because of the fact that too many spam filled guest posts appeared on the internet. It is easy to understand why Google does not really like the practice. Guest posting generates new backlinks for sites and such a tactic can be used in order to artificially raise the rankings of some pages that should not be as high as they are.

The problem is that there is a good way to do guest posting and a bad way to do guest posting. When you work with guest posting professionals, you instantly see many different things that do not fall under the realm of search engine optimization. You see that the purpose of the post changes into developing more leads, authority and basically helping companies make more money by aiding them reach the target audience.

To make things as simple as possible, whenever you send out a guest post, you have to make sure that it is relevant to both the blog that you submit to and the business that you submit for. If you do that, you will see an increase in leads, which is what you are interested in as a marketer.

In order to help out a little, here are some things that you should always consider:

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1 Relevant Link Is Better Than 100 Irrelevant Links

This is definitely an exaggeration since you most likely already know how to choose good backlinks but it is true in some situations. Whenever you look for website that you want to get published on, the aim should be placed on the really popular websites in the niche that you operate on.

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Focus on those that have many subscribers, comments and fans on social networks. This will bring in a higher possibility of getting leads but do not be discouraged in the event that you are not published. It is really hard to get a guest post published there. Make sure that you maintain good relations with everyone that you meet in the industry.

Be A Visitor Before Being A Marketer

There are way too many people that make a pitch before they actually know what they are pitching for. How can you be sure that your target audience visits the site that you consider if you do not read the articles and you do not see the reactions that people have?

In order to be published, people need to see you as an authority figure. Post really good comments and share articles before you actually contact them. This will show owners that you are interested and you will have a much higher possibility of getting the guest post published. In addition, you will see what works best and you can write in a way that is appropriate for generating leads for your business.

You Cannot Get Published If You Are Not Considered

writing-instruments10-bDid you know that most of the pitches are not even considered because of the simple reason that the blogger does not follow instructions? For instance, if the guest post indications will tell you that you need to first send in an outline, when you directly send in the article, you drastically decrease the possibility of getting published. You might have the best guest post in the world and still not get published.

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Always Offer Value

This is, most likely, the most important thing that you have to understand. When you write a guest post, the value that you offer is vital. The high authority websites are particularly picky.

Always try to come up with something that is unique, something that showcases something new. Coming up with recycled material is not a good idea. Focus on the advice that you offer and make sure that your post will give visitors information that they need. At the same time, you have to stay focused on the target audience that you have. Focus on that part of the blog’s audience that is the same with your target audience.

Dear John, I Am Representing A Company And I Can Offer You Valuable, Unique Content!

Does this sound familiar? Is this how you contact bloggers in order to get published? If so you are making a huge mistake. Any site owner realized with the pitch is a general one that is the same for every site that is contacted. When the owner or the editor sees that, it is a guarantee that you hurt your chances of being published.

You need to showcase why your guest post would be valuable to the readers. How will you offer value for the readers? This is what helps you to increase the chances that your pitch will actually be read. Something like what was highlighted above will make your email land right in the spam folder.


Analyze The Results Of The Guest Post And Respond To Comments

Your post will most likely be highlighted as written by a guest author. Visitors know that. They want to ask questions and see answers. Get involved and interact with those that comment. In addition, you need to analyze the results of the guest post. If you managed to get many leads, you might consider making another pitch. If you did not, see why that happened.

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Patience Helps You Increase Your Success

No matter what anyone tells you, guest posting is not easy. Now that Google is targeting spam filled guest posts, it is even harder to get published. You need to make sure that what you write is of a high quality. That is basically the only way in which you can reach the success that you surely want right now.

Patience will help you out a lot and we need to say that once you get published, the analysis you go through will give you important information about what you have to do in the future. Never hurry and do be proud when you are published. Share on your personal social network channels and link back on your sites, showcasing you were published. Authorship counts a lot.

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