Social Media Content Types That Increase Engagement


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The content that you produce has a huge impact on the engagement created on social media. We should all know that there are around 2 million blog posts being published every single day. All marketers fight for the attention of the consumer so it is really important to always produce content that is fun, interactive and engaging.

What works best on social media? Your goal is surely to increase social sharing but this does not always work. What should you share on your social media pages for increased engagement? Here are some recommendations that tend to work great.


This is definitely not new since quizzes have been used for a long time as a way for the brand to engage current audience. They add more fun to the pages and can be really useful in gauging some sort of interest. You get results that are really useful in determining what subsequent content should be shared. The only problem is that you cannot start any quiz. It has to be connected to the brand and you need to be sure that you get good information for your future content.

Live Streaming

If you take a look at statistics you quickly notice that live video is gaining more and more popularity as they offer insights into the people behind the social media pages. It was shown that social video is generating around 1200% more shares than images and text posts combined.

Some brands believe that they cannot use live streaming as it is not appropriate. This is definitely not the case. You want to understand why videos resonate and focus on that. The human face that is put behind brand logos will allow the visitors to connect in a totally different and interactive way.

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It is really hard to resist a very good meme. Memes managed to tap into cultural references while offering fast laughs and increased engagement. As people spend more time online than in the past, humorous content is always something desired. What you should do is try to find some memes that are appropriate for the audience and your business. Then, sharing will increase your engagement while making your audience laugh. That is always a very good thing.

Motivational Quotes

Go through your personal social media feeds and it is close to impossible not to find some motivational quotes. They are very good for your online presence and can engage people with just a piece of text and a branded image. Make sure that whenever you use motivational quotes on social media you design your own images. You do want them to be branded in order to increase awareness when you share.

Many businessmen just try to use motivational quotes that are somehow connected to the domain of activity. This is definitely a good idea but you do not necessarily need to stick just to that. Adding some motivational quotes from people that are really well-known like Seth Godin or Steve Jobs can always get the work done. As an extra tip, try to find quotes that also make you smile since it is always great to both motivated and make people laugh.