SEO Backlink Value Short Guide


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The quality of your backlink is one of the most important things that you want to consider in search engine optimization. In the event that quality is low, you can have thousands coming to your pages and not notice any SERP increase. Specialists all agree that one SEO backlink that has a good quality can have the value of hundreds coming from low quality sources but how do you determine SEO backlink value? Well, you will need to think about different things.

Authority Ratings

The very first thing that you want to look at and the deciding factor is the authority of the site that you get the link from and the actual page that is linking to you. This practically means that you need to check domain authority and page authority. You can also take a look at the Toolbar Page Rank as a higher rank means that the site is old. As an example, the high authority domain has both page authority and domain authority that are over 80.

Website/Article Relevance

It is really important with the new Google ranking algorithms to have a relevance that is as high as possible. Google needs to basically understand this relevance and you should focus only on the backlinks that come from websites that are relevant in the niche that your site is in.

In the past people where only thinking about anchor text relevance. This is not enough. Any link that comes to your site needs to come from content that is relevant and from a site that is in the same industry. Anything less would lead towards low value even if the domain authority is really high.

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Page Freshness, Comments and Editorial Nature

This is something that many do not know but that is highly important. Google is now capable of realizing many things about the quality of the page and this is going to translate into the value that is connected with the backlink. You want to basically get backlinks that come from editorial content that is of a really high quality and focus on the pages that are updated frequently, all with a good, responsive design. A page that often receives new links and comments is going to be significantly more valuable.

Link Positioning

In the past, we all knew that the links present higher on the page will be more valuable. This is also the case now and this is one of the few things that remained from the famous PageRank algorithm. A high quality SEO backlink means that it will have a high chance of being clicked. This automatically means that positioning counts a lot.

Outbound Link Number

When you get a backlink, you want to receive it from a page that does not feature a lot of outbound links. If a page has many external links, the value that is offered is highly diluted. Nothing ruins the value of a backlink as the presence of many other backlinks on the same page. You want to be sure that you choose placement and you focus on the links that are present without too much competition.