Mistakes That Most Beginner Bloggers Make Without Knowing They Are Mistakes


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The beginner blogger naturally thinks that blogging is easy. This ultimately leads towards failure. It is quite difficult to succeed in blogging if you are not prepared. With this in mind, let us think about those important mistakes that are much more common than what many think and that bloggers tend to always make when they are starting out. You want to remember every single one of them.

common blogging mistakes

Having Stiff Writing

Most people that start writing in a blog do not have the necessary experience to connect and they are not that great at writing in general. We have to understand that when you write a blog post, it is not as what you do in school. When most bloggers start out they have experience that involves academic writing, like term papers. This leads towards stiff writing.

The solution in this case is to write as you talk. This is particularly useful when you first start blogging. Think about how you talk with your friends and that is how you will want to write. Loosening up writing is very important. Eliminate the jargon and make sure that everyone will understand what you say.

Not Understanding The Audience

This never actually happens when bloggers start out. They think that people care about the interests that they have. This is incorrect. In reality, people care about the information that you offer. Your personality is just a bonus. You can be the most likeable person in the world and not have success if you do not offer good information.

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The solution is to just show the personality you have instead of talking about it. There are people that like to joke and people that make pop culture references. At the end of the day everything is about you but you want to be sure that you showcase the personality instead of talking about your likes and dislikes in blog posts.

Having Topics That Are Way Too Broad

You really want to understand this. Most beginner bloggers will talk about some really large topics like the best practices in business or how to make money online. This is not a good approach. A better approach with these examples would be to talk about how to make money online with AdSense or best business practices when running a shoe store.

The solution to this really common mistake is to create working titles that are really specific. That will help you to stay on course and write something that is really well-targeted and to the point.


Plagiarism does not only mean that you copy and then paste content that someone else wrote. It also means that you take the work that someone did and use it as your own. As many beginners start blogging they are tempted to copy ideas and much more. When you do this, people will figure it out and will realize that you are not actually the author since everything will seem off.

Instead of plagiarism, cite the content that you use. This is really easy and you will build trust. You can even create great connections.

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