How to Use TikTok to Generate Leads


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TikTok is one of the most popular video-sharing platforms among millennials and Gen Z, providing an excellent opportunity to drive engagement and expand your brand’s digital footprint.

With so many options for promoting your content on TikTok, it can be challenging to select the right approach. Fortunately, TikTok has recently introduced lead generation as a first-party solution that helps you reach more leads quickly and efficiently.

TikTok Ad Manager

TikTok Ad Manager is a self-service tool that lets businesses easily create and manage ads on the platform. It has a similar user interface as Facebook Ads Manager, making it simpler for businesses to utilize.

TikTok Ad Manager not only generates leads, but it also assists you with performance analysis and campaign optimization. It has an intuitive dashboard that displays detailed results data for metrics such as cost, impressions, clicks, conversions, CTR and more – plus you can choose daily or hourly results to suit your requirements.

Before beginning a TikTok lead generation campaign, it is essential to research your target audience and industry. This will give you insight into what type of content they are interested in, providing ideas for creating captivating material.

By understanding your target audience and industry, you can devise a long-term TikTok content roadmap that will drive traffic to your website and convert leads into customers. Start by studying popular influencers within your sector to see what type of videos they post. Doing this will help you develop an individual brand voice and get creative during content creation.

Another essential tip when promoting your TikTok content is to post regularly on the platform. The more content you create, the higher engagement will be received. Furthermore, make sure your ads are refreshed every two weeks as ad fatigue can negatively impact results.

TikTok recently introduced their Lead Generation feature, allowing businesses to collect user information from in-stream ads. It includes a prefilled form that allows brands to collect name, email, phone number and other essential details. This addition to their ad suite gives brands more direct insights on their potential customers.

TikTok Instant Form

TikTok Instant Form is an innovative feature that enables you to collect lead data from your audience without leaving the platform. This can help boost conversions on TikTok and give you a deeper insight into who your customers are.

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This feature offers the primary advantage of collecting data without upstaging your audience or exposing them to any privacy risks. All collected information is stored on TikTok and can be downloaded whenever desired, making it useful for other purposes like generating leads and sales for your business.

TikTok also allows for integration with CRM or email marketing software, making it simple for you to send your leads from TikTok directly to your team and keep track of them so that they become paying clients.

To get started with TikTok Instant Form, you’ll first need to create an ad campaign and set your advertising objective as lead generation. Do this by signing in to your account, clicking on the advertising dashboard, selecting Advertising Objectives and Lead Generation from the dropdown list, selecting relevant campaign levels then clicking continue.

Once your ad is set up, click on the CTA to take visitors to your TikTok Instant Form. This will display a form that your audience can fill out in exchange for an offer from your business.

You have complete control over the information collected and shared with your audience. This enables you to collect only the most useful details while cultivating a lasting relationship with them.

TikTok’s suite of advertising options has just gotten even better with this feature, providing businesses with even more opportunities to generate leads and sales – particularly in sectors such as gaming, entertainment, retail, education, franchising, and automotive. This innovation will be especially beneficial to companies in gaming, entertainment, retail, education, franchising and automotive sectors.

To maximize lead generation on TikTok, you’ll need to integrate it with a CRM or email marketing software. Doing this automates your processes and prevents you from manually downloading or uploading leads you collect. Not only does this save time and money, but it also ensures that these leads are worth investing in.

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TikTok Challenges

TikTok Challenges are an excellent way to engage with the TikTok community and generate leads. They’re free to create, can go viral quickly, and allow you to target a specific group of people.

Organic and sponsored challenges can both be effective if used strategically. Branded challenges are created by companies and promoted through influencers, while organic challenges are initiated by individuals or brands with a substantial social media presence.

These challenges typically incorporate text, sound and movement. They can range from straightforward dance moves to more elaborate choreographed moves. While they may draw inspiration from current trends, the challenge should remain unique and pertinent to the brand.

Branded hashtags make it simple for users to locate challenge content, but do not use your brand tag in every challenge – this could come off as unprofessional or unethical. Instead, select a tag that’s campaign-specific and does not imply your brand is involved with the content.

Community challenges require extra care as their target audience is smaller than for branded challenges. Furthermore, ensure your challenge remains pertinent to your audience and timely; don’t delve into a trend or concept that has yet to gain traction.

Generation Z, the largest demographic on TikTok, loves to repurpose trends in their videos. That’s why hashtag challenges have become so popular on the platform and offer marketers an excellent way to reach this younger audience.

Your brand can also leverage social media to connect with a wider audience on a more personal level, which is the key to crafting an effective campaign. Doing this allows your consumers to connect emotionally, which in turn motivates them to remain loyal customers.

Are you searching for ways to generate more leads on TikTok? Here are six suggestions:

Create a TikTok Account – Verifying your account is essential for giving yourself more control over how your business appears on the platform and making it simpler to promote your brand.

Create a TikTok bio – This is your chance to tell your story and provide an engaging experience for customers. Plus, it will be the first place they see what kind of brand you represent.

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TikTok Ads

TikTok offers an ideal platform to craft short-form video ads that specifically appeal to your target audience’s interests and demographics. Plus, it’s both cost-effective and risk-free – perfect for reaching new people and increasing brand exposure!

Constructing TikTok Ads is a relatively straightforward process, and once your ad group has been created, you can begin testing different hashtags and campaigns to see which ones generate the most leads.

You could also combine generic but popular hashtags with niche ones for increased exposure, though keep in mind that competition for users’ attention may be fierce.

Generating leads on TikTok requires posting regularly. Research what content your audience enjoys and create videos that are pertinent to your brand, industry, and products.

TikTok also provides a pixel feature to monitor ad performances and conversions. You can define which events you want to monitor, such as page views, downloads, or add-to-cart conversions. Furthermore, TikTok can track retargeting efforts and create Custom Audiences or Lookalike Audiences for your website.

Once your ad has been set up and tagged, you can begin monitoring its success on the TikTok dashboard. You can view reports by ad group, campaign, or tag.

Your campaign budget allows you to choose whether to run your ad on a daily or lifetime basis. Furthermore, you have complete control over this decision; any time during the course of the campaign can be altered accordingly.

If you’re not sure how to create a TikTok Ad, there are plenty of resources that can assist. In fact, you could even hire a digital marketing agency to handle all your TikTok advertising for you.

One of the most essential considerations when running a TikTok lead generation campaign is having your prospective customers’ contact information readily available. This could include their name, email address, phone number and other personal details.

TikTok Lead Gen offers you the unique advantage of customizing your forms to meet the individual requirements of your business. You have complete control over which fields need collecting from users, making them as straightforward as possible.