How to Make a Professional Free Website


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Having a website is essential these days. Your site acts as the anchor to all of your online activities and presence. A good and professional-looking site is important not only for businesses but also for professionals trying to establish better online credibility.

Today, creating a professional website for yourself or your business isn’t as costly and complicated as you think. There are great tools you can use to develop a professional website – by yourself, without having to learn how to code or web hosting service types – for free. Here are some of the alternatives to consider. If you want to learn about more, be sure to check out the list of best website builders for 2019.


Ucraft is a great platform for sharing your portfolio. If you are a creative professional or someone working with visuals (i.e. a photographer or art director) then Ucraft is a handy platform for sharing your work.

The site-building tools are designed to be easy to use and intuitive. You can focus more on designing the site rather than coding or making it work the way you want. There are modules you can add to the site too, so adding a contact form or other features is just as easy.


Wix is another popular site builder used by businesses and professionals from around the world. In fact, Wix is often regarded as the best free website builder available today. You have an extensive set of tools that allows you to create a site that meets your imagination.

You also get built-in Google Analytics and up to one GB of monthly bandwidth. In return for the free service, Wix brands your website without disrupting the layout or the contents you want to display.

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Most website builders are designed to cater to the needs of beginners, but WebNote takes a different approach to the concept of site builders. While the basic tools are easy enough for beginners to use, there are advanced tools that professionals and experienced developers can utilize as well.

More importantly, you have complete control over how the site looks on mobile devices. There are e-commerce features and built-in CMS, all of which are also available for free.

IM Creator

IM Creator is relatively new compared to other site builders on the market, but the platform comes with a lot of tools that make developing an attractive and functional site incredibly easy to do. There is a drag-and-drop interface for quick creations and beginners.

Through the same interface, you can also access advanced features like complex coding and pre-made functions. After a few minutes with IM Creator’s site-building tool, you’ll be making pages like a pro.


We really can’t talk about free website builders without mentioning Site123. The company has been offering hosting services and additional tools for more than 15 years, so you can expect its website builder to be mature and easy to use.

Aside from the WYSIWYG editor for creating your site, you also get tools like SEO optimization tools and Google Analytics, all of which are important for marketing and optimizing your site.

With so many free website builders to choose from, there is no reason why you can’t have a professional website today. Stop missing out on opportunities online and start expanding your reach with a good website as your anchor online.

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