How To Keep The Blog Going When Sick

Adrian Cruce

As you are sick, it is quite obvious that you do not have much time to blog and that is not a good idea since updating the blog on a regular basis is really important. Obviously, the illness will stop you from writing with the standards you usually have. If you want to maintain that quality standard, there are some things that you can do.

Staying Ahead Of Time

This is something that you should do anyway. The trick is to schedule posts in advance. It is always a really great idea to write posts in advance and schedule them for automatic posting. You never actually know what is about to happen so staying ahead by around 2 weeks is a wonderful idea to protect you from practically anything that may happen. Remember the fact that illness is not the only thing that can stop you from posting.

Make sure that you have some evergreen blog posts prepared. These are not time sensitive and can fill gaps at any point in time. At least one of these should be prepared and ready for publishing.

Using Guests Posts

Guest posts are quite a great way to obtain high quality content without you really having to write as you are now sick. These works as you exchange something. Free content is obtained and guest posters normally get one link back to their site in the author box. Just make sure that the quality is very high before you put an article on the blog.

Multimedia Use

You can easily use multimedia instead of writing and still offer the high quality that the visitors expect from you. This includes infographics, photos and videos. It is even possible to create videos by using the web cam on your computer if this is the type of post that you can offer for your visitors. You can definitely use blogging in many different ways and you are not restricted to writing.

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Always Ask For Help

Every single person in the world gets sick sooner or later. That is completely normal and everyone understands it. This is definitely not something to be ashamed of. If you get ill, a fellow blogger or a friend can easily help you. Alternatively, you can ask the viewers to suggest topics. Ask questions and get the answers. This is a great way to create a new post from the answers.

Shorter Posts

The big problem when sick is that it is difficult to write anything. However, the blog article does not need to be too long. Shorter is sometimes better and readers rarely want to read long articles anyway. You can easily write shorter articles in order to keep the blog going.