Cloud Storage Technologies Businesses Have To Consider

Adrian Cruce

We simply cannot deny the fact that cloud storage is really useful for businesses, especially when looking at small to medium sized firms. When the technology first appeared, we only had virtual storage folders that were used to create backups. Now, we see startups migrating to the cloud because of the various technologies that became available. This includes but is not limited to the ones mentioned below.

File Versioning

File versioning basically means that you can work directly on the cloud, allowing team members to basically work online from any location that has internet access. What is interesting as opposed to services like Google Docs is that the cloud stored file is not overwritten. Multiple file versions are saved and can then be retrieved. Most of the cloud storage providers offer something like this but the number of file versions that are stored will be limited.

Auto Sync

Such a capability is really important for a business user that depends on cloud storage. Automatic sync basically means that files will be updated in order to reflect edits made in a real time scenario.

While not all the cloud storage service providers offer sync functionality or it is not automatic, you will want to get access to it. Synchronizing the files is very important for a team that works on the cloud, especially in the event that work is done by many users at the same time.

File Encryption And Security

This is definitely the most important thing that a business owner needs to analyze whenever choosing a cloud storage service. Security is vital and the private data of any firm should never be compromised because of a lack of appropriate security features.

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Always be sure that the considered service will encrypt data before leaving any server. A protection that also includes passwords, especially when using mobile devices, is an extra that should also be considered.

Flexible Storage Capacity

Storage needs will be unique for every single business. In most cases there is a need to accommodate around 5 to 10 staff members. The problem is that most business owners just think about how much they are about to pay. This is not a good approach.

We have cloud storage platforms that offer limited data amounts for cheap prices, with a progressive increase as scaling happens. Other platforms will offer expensive rates but the bigger plans will be available at lower rates. Generally speaking, 1 TB storage space can cost between $250 and thousands per year. The appropriate choice needs to be based on scalability since this is what will help you to keep growing at affordable prices.


It is really important that you look at all the features that the considered cloud storage provider offers. This is how you make a correct choice. As time passes, more features appear and are included in cloud packages. You want to be sure that you are faced with appropriate customer and tech support and that you get exactly what you need. If at any point in time you do not, you can and should change providers.