Building Out and Managing a Niche Site Portfolio Team


There are different kinds of people who decide to own niche sites. Some already have a full-time job or are busy solopreneurs who don’t have time to manage more than one site. Often, they’re dipping their toe in the turbulent waters of internet marketing for the first time. Then there are the people who intend to build out multiple websites and own them for a considerable period while they age, mature and grow in value as their traffic and income steadily increase.

For the person who only intends to own a single site, they’ll still benefit from building out a team of people because they’re specialists. They cover the newbie who has little (or no) experience in the activities behind niche site building like researching keywords properly or setting up a WordPress site so it doesn’t contravene Amazon’s stringent rules for an associate. For anyone who plans to manage a team or hire a manager as their team leader, there’s really no substitute for having a team to manage a portfolio of sites.

Virtual Assist Wizardry?

Having a virtual assistant in India or the Philippines has become a popular idea in recent years. The likes of Chris Ducker who runs a VA agency in the Philippines and Nick Loper of Side Hustle Nation both wrote books on the topic (Virtual Freedom and Virtual Assistant Assistant, respectively). It’s become a common thing to look for a VA to solve all your operational woes.

The problems with having a virtual assistance wizard are several:

  1. Required to know how to do everything
  2. A generalist
  3. Single point of failure
  4. Not as cheap as you’d think
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Let’s run these down. When you have a single virtual assistant (or even several of them), they must know how to do everything. While a VA is commonly very capable, their skill-sets do vary and what they can do competently varies too. Also, their price per hour starts to get more expensive with more skilled, in-demand VA’s or those operating as part of an organized team.