PR Tactics You Can Use In Your SEO Campaigns


PR Tactics You Can Use In Your SEO Campaigns

There are always different SEO tactics that can be used in online marketing and PR. It is always a bad idea to stick just to the old strategies. You want to focus on those strategies that can improve online awareness and basically combine different promotion strategies you could utilize.

When referring to search engine optimization, there are many things that the PR professional can use. The PR leaders always understand how important an SEO strategy is for a website. Different subtle steps can be taken to impact rankings and get more online search engine exposure through the use of PR. The exact opposite also applies.

If you want to get better PR results and increase branding engagement, take a minute to also focus on SEO. Here are some things you can always do.

Recommend Links When PR Mentions Are Identified

If there is a journalist that writes about your brand, get in touch and ask if there is willingness to add a link back to highly relevant content. In this case you want to tell the journalist why the recommended link has value. This makes the journalist more comfortable to share.

Publish Internal Stats

Does the company gather data about current customer base? This is the type of info that can be added on the website through a showcased internal study. That is a good idea for SEO because writers and journalists always look for metrics, stats and basically data that can be cited. Build visibility for the published reports.

Pitch Resources

Those into marketing or PR always come across various link roundups or resource lists. Do you wonder why your resources were not added? In most cases the answer is quite simple: the person that wrote the article or compiled the list did not know about your resource. The solution is really simple. Reach out to the authors and talk about the resource you have. If you offer high value there is a pretty good possibility you will get a link back.

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Create Visual Content

This is as simple as it gets. The digital audiences you encounter when doing some online PR work will always love visual content. The problem is that it is time-consuming to create good visual content. It is also expensive in many cases. Instead of focusing on just promoting the content yourself, create visual content that the audience can use. The best example of this is definitely creating an infographic. Infographics can create numerous backlinks while also building brand awareness. The person that links to the site receives high quality free visual that can be used. It is definitely a win-win situation for everyone involved.


Running a highly successful SEO campaign is much more complex than it used to be. You want to use every single tactic that comes through your mind these days to stay ahead of your competition. Be sure that you consider this whenever you do such work. Both PR and SEO specialists can learn a lot from the other discipline. These two are much more similar than what most people think.