How To Overcome Writer’s Block


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Do you know that moment when you want to start writing something but you don’t have inspiration? If you ever tried to write a diary, have a blog, write poems or… well, just do something artistic, you definitely had moments when you simply didn’t know what to do.

“I don’t have inspiration” is a bad excuse. You might have no idea at all, or you may have tons of ideas but no idea how to write or you might not know what happens next in your story. All these have one simple result: you’ll start imagining all kind of scenarios people will say your story sucks.

But before embarking on this topic, what is inspiration? Some people think that this is just a passing quality that can only be found if you are searching for it. Inspiration is everywhere around you, this is the key: always keep your eyes open. We lose so many amazing sources of inspiration because we are too busy searching for others.

writers block

Is there any solution?

Fortunately, man is smart enough to learn how to be in a certain mood, if he wants to.

You need to realize that you are the problem. Don’t blame the environment, because it won’t help you and it will definitely not write for you. Are you too tired? A one hour nap should work wonders. Did you have an argue with someone you care about? Try to fix that problem before you start writing. If you can’t do that, change the decor.

I admit it’s not easy finding something to write about. And when you find it, it’s even harder to continue writing about it. “How am I going to write it?”, “What is going to happen?”, “What will I write next?” are just a few questions that constantly pass any writer’s mind. But that’s normal. It means you care about your work and you want to make something great out of nothing.

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Is there such thing as brainstorming?

When writers are in a conflict of feelings, they have a secret in order to overcome it. They start writing anything that passes their mind until eventually they come up with something interesting. Free writing is one of the coolest things that you could do in order to test your limits and improve your skills. Sit down for ten minutes, stop thinking about anything related to your daily life and put down everything you think of. “Blah, blah, blah” should work too if that’s the only thing you can come up with.

If there are factors that disturb you, try to record them even if they are not directly related to your topic. This might be the problem that caused your block. Thing is that the main idea about this is that it makes you start writing, even if it’s nonsense.

do something else

Do something else

If none of the things mentioned above work, do something else. It is possible that the mental state you are in at that moment will not allow you to do any other activity. But you can’t know this for sure until you try something else to see what makes you more productive at that moment.

You are human, after all

You may dream with your eyes wide open, read, write, and sing when you are alone. Sometimes you are happy. You’d want to escape your reality and build an imaginary world in which you can live. You are just like us, you are human. Lack of inspiration is normal and you can overcome it if you really want to. But sometimes, you can not order when this thing will happen.

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