How to Prepare an Amazon Affiliate Site for the Holiday Season


How to Prepare an Amazon Affiliate Site for the Holiday Season

When you own an Amazon affiliate site where you pull visitors in using SEO, dazzle them with attractive design, and provide reviews that encourage a visit to Amazon to complete a sale, you’re all about the numbers.

How many daily visitors is the site receiving? How many visitors are reaching the buyer guides and reviews vs the informational content? What’s the revenue per 1,000 visitors? These are all metrics that give an indication about site performance from a business standpoint.

When nearing the holiday season with Cyber sales, and later both Thanksgiving and Christmas, make sure that the 3-5X boost to traffic and sales conversions happens for you, or your final numbers won’t impress.

Here are a few suggestions to better prepare your site for each holiday season.

Write Copy for the Holiday Season

Write special posts well ahead of each sales season (Cyber deals, Thanksgiving or Christmas) to attract readers to your best offers. That could be the best-rated product in each category or any special deals from the manufacturers. The brands may have holiday-related graphics that have been made for affiliates (or just fans) of their products to place on their website just for that holiday. These can be for branded festive decoration or to offer coupons.

Promotional Deals Direct from Amazon

Amazon regularly offers discounts on different products and services. Some are featured in their Gold Box one day promotions. Others are short-term discounts run for a few days or a week or longer. Check their Promotions page regularly to look for opportunities to provide discounts to readers on your site.

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Look for Seasonal Products to Sell

Brands may produce limited edition product lines for the holiday season. Jump on-board to the promotion of these as early as possible to give them attention and possibly rank quickly and well within Google’s search engine too. See if there are products that sold well the previous holiday season and consider if they’re likely to do well again this holiday season.  If so, give them pride of place on the site.

Verify Your Website is Ready for Increased Traffic

Not everyone is an expert with the mechanics behind the WordPress CMS platform. Often, it’s easy to see mistakes that you’re making when you’re paying attention. However, when you’re overly busy and your site is a part-time gig, mistakes with WordPress do happen.

Give your site a thorough review to ensure that it’s loading quickly, images are visible, and the links are all working. Check whether you’re breaching any Amazon Terms of Service that could cost you the holiday affiliate commissions that you’re working towards.

Don’t Forget to Use a Product Table

Running an affiliate site promoting goods sold on Amazon is entirely different to promoting a Shopify or other online e-commerce store. With an affiliate site, make use of responsive product tables within buyer guides to list the best products with key features about them. Make sure there’s a clear link or Call-to-Action button. Verify whether the table is truly responsive with the CTA button visible and clickable on a small smartphone or tablet mobile device – not just on a laptop – to avoid losing holiday sales.

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Even if your products or niche that you’re promoting are not big sellers at seasonal times, it never hurts to get into the spirit of things. It shows that there’s a real person behind the site and the updates help to rank the site higher in Google too.