Sharing Buttons On Your Blog – Here’s Why You Need Them!


Sharing Buttons On Your Blog - Here's Why You Need Them!

It is such a surprise to notice the fact that most of the blogs out there do not actually include sharing buttons. This is a huge problem since we are faced with something that can add so much value to practically any blog. Unfortunately, many just do not understand why this happens.

When you add social buttons on your blog, sharing is promoted. That will automatically improve content distribution across various social platforms. To put it as simple as possible, sharing basically exposes content for a new audience, which is definitely what you want to see.

Google Cares About Shares

When talking strictly about SEO, of the content is shared among many channels, there is an increased possibility of getting authority links. Sharing will aid the content to be discovered really fast. When it is discovered fast, it is indexed fast. At the same time, there is a growing increase in share numbers as being considered as a ranking factor, which is one thing that many do not actually know about.

Google currently gathers social data. It will always impact rankings to some extent. We do not actually know how much since not much proof or not many studies have been done. No matter the case, since we do know that this is important, from an SEO point of view, it is definitely something that you want to take into account.

Increased Traffic

From the blogger’s point of view, the more traffic, the better! We all know that. As content is shared, people will see it and may check it out. As the content is really good, which should be a huge priority for you, more shares tend to appear, making everything turn towards a viral promotion. If the article is really good and it is shared a lot, you get a lot more traffic. This can bring in newsletter subscriptions, more sales, more likes on social media pages and so on.

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Displaying Authority

If the article is shared a lot and the plugin that you use will also highlight the number of shares that are done on all social media channels, everything will look better for the reader. The perceived authority of an article will be higher so more attention will appear since visitors want to read something that is seen as being of high quality based on what other readers say.