Tips To Promote B2B Portals Through SEO

Adrian Cruce

Most B2B portals are faced with fluctuations in search engine rankings. Traffic is normally going down as the appearance of high quality content is not as high as it should be. Promoting the B2B portal is nowadays more complicated. You need to think about various alternative options and it is a certainty that you will want to focus on using social media.

Promoting the portals through social media is all about highlighting exactly how the B2B portal helps the business to grow. When you manage to do this, social media is used as bait. The bait would bring in more links to your content, thus even helping with search engine rankings.

Using The Right Channels

The most popular and important social media marketing pillars for B2B portals are LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. You want to use different content to all of them and you want to use the channels differently. However, you always have the same goal: getting new customers. Alternatively, you would also want to spread a message to targeted audience.

The Focus On Content

Whenever promoting the B2B portals on social media, you have to respect the same rules you always do with content and social media marketing. This practically means that you absolutely have to remain focused on the quality you are going to offer for your visitors. When you manage to create some great content, everything becomes a lot easier.

Figuring Out Why You Use Social Media In The First Place

If you do want to promote the portal, one of the most important things that you want to ask is what the followers want to see. This will help you to use the channels in a proper way. You do want to know exactly what your goal is. Do you want to get new businesses to join the portal? Do you want businesses of a specific kind to join?

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Only after you determine how to properly use the social media channels you have you can be successful and you can get the results that you surely want. That is quite complicated to do. Use any research option that you have and you will be able to make the correct choice. Ideas of why you may use the social media channels when promoting the B2B portals include:

  • Creating buzz about the product or brand
  • Improving different rankings
  • Attracting the relevant search traffic
  • Acquiring brand new customers

The most important facts that you need to remember about using social media with B2B portal promotion include:

  • Using brand names and promoting on the social media sites
  • Starting and maintaining social conversation based on content
  • Setting up the perfect profile page, together with high quality interesting information
  • Creating exclusive, fresh, interesting and original content
  • Delivering content at the appropriate frequency

Always spend most of the time to develop the high quality content that would then be shared on social media. At the same time, do not forget about the importance of online interaction. You want to create discussions and you do want to get people to talk to you and about you. This is how you promote the B2B portal in the most effective way possible.