10 Best Free Online Logo Generators

Adrian Cruce

One of the first things you realize when you want to design a logo for practically anything is that hiring a professional is costly. The best ones out there can charge you anywhere from a few hundreds of dollars to a few thousands. Even if you hire a freelancer to get it done for you, the price is not cheap (if you want quality that is).

The really important thing we have to remember is that logo design is quite vital for every single brand out there. You do need a logo and the great thing for every single person out there that needs one is that numerous free online logo generators are available right now. You can use the one that you prefer, of course.

When Do You Want To Consider Using The Free Online Logo Maker?

  • You want to start a brand new website but there is no budget available to hire the experienced professional logo designer.
  • You lack the software or skills needed to design the logo alone.
  • You need ideas and inspiration to create the logo.


Canva is widely considered to be one of the best free options available for those that need to get some designs done but do not actually know how to do that or have the money for the professionals. Canva can be used to create flyers, business cards, invitations, images for social media, logos and more. Countless free templates are available for you to choose from. You also have the option to upload graphics or images. Designs can be downloaded as PDF, JPG and PNG.

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Obviously, because of the fact that free templates are used, it is possible that many other businesses will use designs that are similar to yours. The paid templates are thus preferred.

Free Logo Services

This online logo maker gives you thousands of interesting design templates you can easily save for free. The design process starts with you choosing an industry and adding text. You choose between badge, text-based, initial or icon logos first, then you choose your favorite font style.

Go through the free design pages as your custom text is seen. After finding the design that you like, you can make some custom edits and save it. Change colors, icon layouts and fonts in order to have everything perfectly-match your brand.

Free Logo Design

Another really easy to use online logo generator, Free Logo Design is incredibly easy to use. You type the name of the company/brand, choose out of various categories and then see previous of numerous free logo templates. Custom changes can be made to font, shape and color. The design can also be downloaded for free. High-resolution versions are available when you pay $59.

UCraft Free Logo Maker

UCraft is practically a website builder. It offers free cloud hosting, web templates and other things. They also have a free logo maker. Similarly to others, you make some simple choices, add the name of the brand and customize colors and fonts. There are over 220,000 icons that can be used in the design. Exporting high-resolution, transparent PNG files is free.

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Online Logo Maker

Online Logo Maker is very easy and fast. You can choose from pre-designed symbols featured in hundreds of different catalogs and you can easily upload your very own images. The free account option allows you to save the design. Unlimited downloads are available so tweaks can be made. There is also a premium service available that gives you access to downloads at a higher resolution. You can also download the vector SVG with the paid option.

Graphic Springs

Graphic Springs’ user interface is quite similar to that of Online Logo Maker. Many templates are available in various categories. You choose an image category, add your tagline and business name, pick the logo and then edit it.

In the event that you want to be a little more creative, you can start with symbols and shapes. These can also be used to add a new, decorative touch to your logo. Graphic Springs is completely free to use but if you want to download the final design at high-resolution as SVG, JPG or PNG, it costs $19.99. If you choose the paid option, you have unlimited downloads and edits, allowing you to make simple tweaks.


The LogoMakr free logo maker is practically a really easy-to-use program that allows you to quickly drag text and shapes in desired locations. You start the process by searching through icons and shapes. Then, you edit size, colors and other features. All desired arrangements can be done and then, through the use of a crop button, you crop the logo at the perfect dimensions. As soon as you are ready, the design can be saved to the computer. There are limitations with the free download and you get lower-quality files. You also need to agree to credit the site for the creation of the logo. The high-version logo can be downloaded for $19.

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Shopify Logo Maker

People that have been using Shopify for a long time are not surprised to hear that there is a logo maker that can be used. After all, Shopify does offer numerous tools for businesses. There are some services that do have monthly fees but free tools can be used, like the logo maker. 4 layouts are available for icons and text, with hundreds of templates that you can choose from. Your logo is sent to the email.

Logo Type Maker

In Logo Type Maker you can choose out of more than 200 fonts, 1,000 professional design templates and 600,000 vector shapes that makes it so simple to design a logo even for those that are not professional designers. Logo Type Maker features unlimited modifications and vector-based SVG download. The free option allows you to get a non-customizable free modern logo. Design can be exported as PNG or JPG at 300 DPI, which is much more than what other similar sites offer.


Last but not least, Designmantic has a free logo generator that you use by choosing a preferred font type, logo style and colors. There are thirty industry categories present and as you find a logo you really like, font and colors can be customized.