Why Remote IT Services can Benefit Small Businesses


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Large corporations can afford to have on-site IT support because they have more cash at their disposal. It becomes a little more complicated for smaller businesses who might not have the funds or the immediate need for IT support on-site. It could be a huge waste of money to employee a full-time IT support technician when they might not be needed on a day-to-day basis. For that reason, a remote IT support service could be the perfect solution for your business.

A cost-effective technology that is becoming extremely popular in this technologically advanced and internet-focussed business world, remote support allows a technician to service computer systems from a remote location instead of having to travel into your office and work on the issues right there and then. It certainly saves a lot of time – for the technician in terms of travelling time and for your business in terms of waiting for the technician to arrive to work on the problem – and can potentially save you a lot of money too, as you could work with technicians on a freelance basis as and when you need them (which could be once or twice a year or not at all) instead of employing somebody full-time.

Remote it services

From wherever the technician may be based, they can securely connect to your computer and see your desktop screen just the same as if they were at the location. The costs are one thing, but as many technicians would agree, it is often the travelling that becomes frustrating and can be a huge drain on motivation and focus. By being able to operate from any location, it cuts out the disadvantage of having to travel altogether, and the problem of geographical location is taken out altogether. You can work remotely from one end of the country to another without any problem at all.

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Time is a huge asset to a business, and the last thing you want is to be checking your watch when a technician is working. With remote IT solutions, the technician can work outside of working hours, meaning that the issue could be sorted out by the time you come to work the next day. Many technicians work unsociable hours and not on the 9-5 timetable that many office-based businesses operate, so management and staff can leave for home knowing that their computers are likely to be fine the next morning and won’t have to hang around until the problem is fixed so they can lock up afterwards.

From the customer’s point of view, they won’t be aware of your remote IT support, but they will definitely feel the benefits. How many times have you called a business or visited a website and their systems have been down due to a server error or some other technical issue? It can damage your reputation and customers can lose faith in your operation. Having around the clock IT support from a remote location is likely to eradicate that issue because of the improved speed of fixing any problem you might have with your systems. The customer will never know you have had an issue, and your speed of service will improve as a result, which will improve your customer service and likely lead to more customers due to word-of-mouth and having a great reputation.