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For those that do not know me I am Boris Dzhingarov and I am the founder of Blog For Web. I have a strong passion for SEO and marketing so I spent the last 5 years developing connections with literally thousands of blogs and sites from all around the world in literally all niches possible. I am also a published author at dozens of sites, including Semrush.comBizcommunity.comTheinnovationenterprise.comSocialnomics.netRankWatchTweakyourbiz.comTech.coMarket OracleFamous BloggersBDAILY , CEOWORLD Magazine and

I am telling you all this because I understand how difficult it is to get backlinks to your sites and to promote your brands on the internet. A few years ago everything was much simpler but now the competition is huge. Thanks to my connections I managed to develop this huge link building potential for numerous clients, having helped sites rank high for targeted keywords for a long time now.

Now, my services are available for you too through the Blog For Web system, developed together with an eager team of SEO and marketing professionals. Keep reading below to see what my 5 years of work can offer you in weeks with the work of the Blog For Web team.

Buy High Quality In-Content White Hat Links

Blog For Web offers you the possibility to get in-content white hat links at OVER 5,000 sites and blogs in practically all possible niches. We worked hard to establish connections with thousands of bloggers and site owners in order to offer you the possibility to set up a high quality SEO campaign that is going to skyrocket your keyword rankings.

What Do We Offer?

Guest posting through us is a really easy way to obtain very high quality, white hat, natural and in-content links that will boost rankings and will increase site traffic. Our manual outreach campaigns are ongoing and we often add new key industry sites to our list, securing guest post spots, writing high quality articles that include the links you need to promote and place them at the websites we connect with.

Most people will not be able to get access to many of the sites we already work with. If you want to dramatically increase SEO results, guest posting through Blog For Web is something that you want to consider.

How Does It Work?

We make it incredibly easy for everyone to get the backlinks they want. Here is how the process works:

  • Get In Touch – Simply fill the form below to get in touch with us.
  • Discussing What You Need – You tell us what we need and in return we present lists of blog and site posting opportunities available.
  • Providing The Content – After deciding what sites you want content published on, you send in the content or you let us handle the content for you for a small extra fee per article.
  • Article Is Posted

Our Guarantees

  • You Only Pay For Published Links – No upfront payment needed, unless the site you want to publish to has a specific upfront payment fee that is necessary.
  • High Domain Authority – You choose what site to publish on. The sites we offer have a DA ranging between 15 and 97.
  • Complete Transparency – You are in touch with us for the entire length of the process, knowing exactly what phase the project is at.
  • Fair Prices – Given the high quality of the services offered, prices will be fair, based on site owner wishes, DA and various other factors.
  • Fast Delivery – After agreeing to terms, publishing is done in 1 to 7 days, based on chosen site, article complexity and desired volume.
  • Discounts for long term customers.

Get In Touch

We invite you to fill the form below to get more information about our guest posting services. The best possible way to see exactly what quality we offer is to show you what we do. It also makes the process faster and gets your links live in a shorter time frame.

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