The 4 Web Hosting Service Types You Want To Know About


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People that want to launch a site or a blog need to learn all that they can about the various hosting options available for them. The problem is that in most cases there is not much knowledge available about the subject. In an attempt to save as much money as possible the choice can easily end up being completely inappropriate.

While there are many interesting options that can be considered, at the end of the day the main choice comes from one of 4 possible web hosting services. These are the ones that you have to learn as much as possible about first.

Free Website Hosting

Just as the name implies, you get web hosting that you do not have to pay for. While this can be great for a small site or for a personal user, in the event that you want to build something that would turn into a business, sooner or later, never choose it. Free hosting is normally not reliable, especially when thinking about all that is offered. You rarely get enough storage space, bandwidth is limited and connection speed is low.

There are some hosting service providers that will offer a free domain. You can use this when you want to create something out of passion. However, the quality offered is normally really low, giving you just basics.

Shared Website Hosting

The definition of shared website hosting is really simple. Your site will be hosted on the same server as various other websites. In some cases the number of clients that use the same server can be pretty high. Sharing the hosting environment can be a suitable solution for smaller websites.

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You want to consider shared hosting when you are looking for a cost effective solution and you do not need too much from the hosting package. The site will definitely not load as fast as it would be possible with dedicated hosting but it is definitely better than free hosting.

Dedicated Web Hosting

In this case the site is put on one server that will not be shared with another company. This means that you get to take advantage of all the server resources. The page loading is fast and the downtime that you see is quite low. The only problem with dedicated web hosting is that the price tag is going to be the highest. However, if you do need higher server resources, this is the option that you need to seriously consider.

Reseller Web Hosting

This is one option that is rarely considered because you basically get to utilize the hard drive space and bandwidth offered to store blogs and sites for other people. Obviously, this is a solution that is rarely considered but if you are, let’s say, a marketing company, you can use the resell feature.